October 21, 2011

Bernard St. Pottamus Was Here: Mabel's Quilt

Okay, it's not that I love the girls' quilts more than the boys' it's just that, well... I love the girls' quilts more than the boys'. I've never made a full-out pink on purple with fairy tales and mermaids before (let alone 2). Holy business it was FUN.

Mabel Rae's quilt is a mix of solid Kona cotton, vintage fabrics, Heather Ross, and Denyse Schmidt. I think Amy Butler worked her way into this one, too. One large, wonky log cabin square amidst the strips and chunks of solids.

(please don't mind the messy bed - there is a princess who sleeps here, after all)

Oh there had to be embroidery. In fact, topquilter Mary knows me well enough by now that she just looks for it on my quilt tops. Makes plans to avoid that area with her longarm, God love her. It took me a couple of weeks to set aside enough time to do justice to Mabel's two horsies and pink, sparkly (yes that is metallic thread) unicorn, but it was well worth it.

Rounded corners made this binding extra sweet. I'd never tried them before and it was ridiculously easy (lay a large round bowl on the corner, trace, and trim - then bind as usual). Once this baby was washed up, even *I* wanted to snuggle under it.

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  1. Oh my goodness! {I'm way, waaaay behind on blog reading.} This quilt is AMAZING! Totally, incredibly adorable.