October 25, 2011

The Canvas Project

My mom painted when she was younger. She still paints at times. It’s not something I ever really gave a lot of time to, though I wish I had. I don’t really scrapbook much anymore because I photoblog and of course I sew, but still… painting is this creative medium that I’ve never really played around in. This really, really cool medium. With sticky fingers and paint in my sink. Oh, how I love paint splatters in my sink.

A handful of times I’ve purchased canvas at the local hobby shop, only for it to collect dust in the basement of our little old house. I donated several when we moved. I don’t know if I’m afraid to start or afraid whatever I create won’t look as good as it does in my head. Either way it is chicken-shit. That's right. I said it.

So this beauty rolled around at just the right time. I found this image on Pinterest and when I realized the print was $100, I decided the time was right to get off my ass and paint something myself. Instead of a print, I am inspired to do a chunky canvas in black with white writing, in my own hand.

Bryon brought down the last canvas I had tucked away on the loft this past weekend. That, plus 2 paint colors, and I should be in business.

Now to decide what to write on it:

make love your motto (I do very much love this)
all in
be strong and courageous (this might be too long)
trust in the lord 
nothing is impossible
hand in hand
he makes beautiful things

I need your help, Peeps! What do you think? What super awesome verse or lyric am I forgetting?


  1. those who love God


    in all things God works

    from here:

  2. Let go, let God.

    That's my personal fav.

    By the way, your quilts turned out fabulous. Embroidery and quilting added to the fabulousness!

    Patty from Cincinnati

  3. Have you thought about a motto for your new blended family? You've often said some really cute and crazy things here on the blog... pull something from a past post maybe...

    Together We Are One
    Together We Are Strong
    Making Memories

    Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind (my dd contribution)