October 7, 2011

Her Cupcake Birthday

I believe I mentioned to you that Nana has been without blog for months now. She finally procured herself a laptop with which to check on her grandkidlets and informed me yesterday that there haven’t been enough pictures of them on the blog. Well, okay then. I aim to please.

On the day that we celebrated Moo’s birthday – the day that started with horseback riding and gun shooting – we also had some folks over for a killer cookout with cupcakes. My mother in law brought us a beautiful, 15 lb. pork loin the weekend prior, so it was a given we’d be herding friends to feed them. We love to do that.

In addition to the pork loin, I made Pioneer Woman’s crash red potatoes with fresh parsley and rosemary, steamed green beans, and macaroni and cheese for the forty-eleven kids in our house.

After dinner, it was time for the cupcakes. But before I share the photos from the cupcake eating, I should share the photo from the cupcake making. Especially when it involves the love of my life stirring with both hands.

Mabel requested two kinds of cupcakes, which worked perfectly because there were a million people in our house: pumpkin with pink frosting and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Two batches require two hands, I reckon. I was busy making dinner the night before and asked for help, and help I got! I grabbed the phone and snapped this beauty.

Sorry for that tangent. I do love him so. And every day he helps me in the kitchen I fall in love with him again sideways.

Anyway. [Don't get barf on the cupcakes, please.]

Doesn’t she look so excited?! Oh my LORD the anticipation of Daddy lighting the long, sparkly candles was almost too much to sit still for.

Okay, sweet love. Make a wish!

We love you, Mabel Rae. You will always be our Scott Bernard St. Pottamus!