October 10, 2011

Lucky Ducky

It was a holy quilting weekend, Batman. However, I misplaced my external hard drive over the weekend so I could not move the photos in time to show you lovely people. So, your horses must be held for a day or two, okay?

Saturday was a travesty of football proportions. We settled in to watch the much-anticipated Nebraska vs. Ohio State game. This was a nailbiter because I am married to the man who is, quite possibly, the biggest Huskers fan EVAH and I bore the 10 yr old version of the biggest Buckeyes fan ever. It was going to be a clash from the moment we learned last year that they would play one another. In fact, the Huskers and Ohio State made it into our wedding vows, Folks. And if you are curious, I still have not picked sides. Officially. And so it was that Ohio State outright kicked Nebraska’s ass for the first half of the game, in such a fashion that Bryon wanted to turn off the television. It’s not like he was mad or disgusted (he really doesn’t get that way), but just that he might as well salvage the rest of the ‘boy’ evening doing something else fun, like watching the new Transformers movie. [I was busy binding quilts so I didn't really care.]

Except that after we switched off the Nebraska v. Ohio State game, the Huskers turned it around. In fact they turned it around so much that it went down as their biggest comeback ever in history. And they took down the Buckeyes! Now, we didn’t know this until I rolled over before church Sunday morning and checked the score (seriously, who have I become?). Looks like Trevor owes Bryon $10 after all. Booyah.

Sunday after church, the 10 yr old helped Bryon with some odds and ends in the basement and the little girls made out with a Tinkerbell switchplate cover. Oh my.

But I spent Sunday night the way I enjoy spending an evening every once in a while: snuggled under my quilts watching my Girls and reading Lucky Magazine. I also made lists on my phone of the stuff I want to start searching for and Pinning. It’s a very girly, makeup and fashion-intense evening. Perfect for when the homeskillet has to work anyway. While Bryon toiled away on the couch doing Power Point slides, I snuggled into the bedroom in the aforementioned fashion and took these:

THIS is the very reason why I love Lucky. I do a lot of wacko things, but I’m not sure I’ve ever habitually taken photos of a magazine before just so that I would have them forever.

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