October 3, 2011

A Nice, Restful Weekend

Say what now?

First I must share my movie review. The husband knew I had a rough week last week so he drowned me in loveliness on Friday. First we had a session with the pastor that married us (we love those) that afternoon. Then, he made dinner and corralled the children. I got to sit on the couch and… sit on the couch. Then, the kids were kissed and duct taped to their beds, and he ordered up a girl movie to watch with me. For months I was thinking that Bridesmaids was the estrogen-heavy version of The Hangover. It was not, People. It was not. Despite being disappointed in the movie, I did enjoy the cuddle time and extra attention.

Saturday morning he was supposed to go into work. But he did not. He changed some things around so that he could stay home – with me. He knew I needed his body in my presence and he showed me that I was more important. And then he told me that he loved my face.

We tooled about the house for the rest of Saturday, him washing his truck for 3 hours (the boy is a bit obsessive about the state of cleanliness, but I find it charming) and me… sitting on the couch.* All day long the homeskillet was super psyched up to watch Nebraska play. When he was invited to watch the game at the bar with The Boys, you can bet your ass I sent him. He needed boy time. It’s good for a man to get plenty of that, you know. I needed to embroider for hours anyway. I hate him being gone (let’s just be honest; I can say it), but I know he needs it. And when he got home, he bee-lined without pause, to my body and hugged it so hard I thought something had happened.

What had happened was his overwhelming sense of thankyou-ness and Iloveyou-ness and Imissedyousomuch-ness. I LOVE when going out with the guys makes my dude more grateful for me.

Sunday started shitty. Still being honest there. Bryon was out the door before 7 to go to work. Of course the girls both popped their eyes open within 45 seconds of the front door closing behind him and up I shot to make some coffee. We had high hopes that we could go to second service at church, but those were dashed the moment that anyone knew the Bryon was in the plant because everything needed him to do something. He got home around 1. At which time I slingshot over to topquilter Mary’s house to drop off Hayley’s quilt and pick up Moo’s.

It was a war zone when I returned. All four of the kids (meaning Mabel decided to wake up from nap early at only 1 hour instead of 3) were on top of Bryon for a rousing 12 rounds of Hop On Pop. As loud as we 6 usually are in our house, it was still a decibel that isn’t reached often. There was a mutany something to do with rootbeer floats. So we (I) kicked them out of the house to play in the 75 degree weather outside while Dad napped and Mom busied herself.

I was a domestic ninja, yo. Observe:

Binding for Trevor's quilt...

And Mabel's...

And Andy's...

And I had all sorts of time with which to roll around the floor pinning up these beauties because my darling husband was doing this:

The kids were still outside, so I took a break from sewing on the front of the binding to make dinner: homemade chicken pot pie. I use poached chicken breast (though leftover from the rotisserie at the store is my favorite), red potatoes, fresh carrots, onion, and fresh greenbeans. I made enough for three pies! It felt so good to cook and sew for my 6.

He was still snoring when I put it in the oven and went back to my quilting. Guess it took it out of him watching Nebraska lose like they did the night before.

So, while I didn't rest much on the day of rest itself, it was a wonderful weekend. And productive as heck for this domestic ninja!

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  1. That top quilting is scrumptious and you can bake pot pie for me any day.