October 31, 2011

On Halloween This Year

Husband broke the coffee pot this weekend. It was a matter of time because the thing was incredibly old and chipped - and his, before we were married. So in that sense I am happy to be rid of yet another object that was shared between my husband and his first wife. But at the same time, we can't go without coffee. We are coffee people. I'm praying that 'tis the Season for an incredible deal somewhere on small home appliances. I'd like something in stainless, since it will be seen (we don't have room to stow our coffee pot or toaster out of sight).

Wife broke the garbage disposal this weekend. And right now, Shoes is rolling his eyes because I have a terrible history with the things. Except this time, it wasn't my fault - just my finger who flipped the dead switch. There actually wasn't anything going down the disposer when the motor died (it was still swirling in the sink), but still it was me to had to call him up to fix it. Sigh.

One of the four small home-dwellers broke the toilet this weekend. The white plastic handle has a notch out of it, somewhere precariously in the middle, and the flapper won't flap properly. So you pee, flush, and then wait to see if you need to jiggle the handle. Of course, the four small home-dwellers don't get the concept and instead become distracted while waiting for the jiggle need, and begin painting on the walls with toothpaste or something. This wouldn't be a big thing if our second bath was finished, but we sacrificed the downstairs potty in order to get carpet and wiring this past summer. Maybe toilet #2 for Christmas? Oh that will be a day to celebrate! [I shouldn't complain, I realize - there are thousands of old homes that still have room to sleep umpteen family members and only one throne.]

We spackled 218 holes, chips, and scuffs in the new paintwork this weekend. Toys can be the devil! Well, toys and little people who throw them haphazardly toward the toybox. Or a sibling. You know, whatever.

All in all, busy weekend is what I'm saying.

The final football game was AH-mazing. While we did not win, I got some fantastic shots that I will share later this week. 

I worked on a personal project all weekend long while Bryon puttered around the house (see above). And I think by now we all know that when I say I worked on a personal, creative project, that means I literally did not budge from the table from about 8:15 Saturday morning until almost 9pm Saturday night (minus quick whip-ups of lunch, nap kisses, and to break up sibling disgust) - and again from about 11am Sunday until 7pm Sunday night. That's sort of how I roll. I accomplished much, Friends. Not so much in the category of dishes, but definitely in this project of mine. My project: I have decided to back up my blog in print, as a keepsake. It has become my scrapbook. I am using a special software and playing grammar police. It's quite a labor of love to read my thoughts from years ago, too. This will be a long project.

Halloween is upon us. I spent some time recently reflecting back on this holiday in years past because I shocked myself with something I wrote last week. I commented that this is not my favorite holiday. That didn't used to be true (while never my favorite, it certainly was not at the bottom.) Now, many of you will remember that it was just this time of year four years ago that my now-ex-husband was hospitalized for the first time and our lives exploded with such force that the kids and I eventually landed some 838 miles from where we started. I looked at pictures from that very Halloween the other day and my stomach rolled. I remember what that was like for the kids, and that explosion is certainly part of it. October 3 years ago is when Nana came out to Da Plains for her first visit and now, it's doubtful that she will ever make that trip again. [While she's doing great, it's just not realistic for her to hop 6 planes (3 each way) or be in a car for 12 hours or more.] That makes me sad and sour in general.

And - has anyone else noticed how the whole concept of Halloween the way we remember it as children is basically gone these days? It used to be a fun holiday with games and candy and friends, and dressing up in a costume. Those costumes were something you made from your imagination with perhaps just a little help from the local Dollar Store - and the costumes that were of the scary variety topped out at Frankenstein or a mummy. Scary isn't bad - scary is fun sometimes - I really do get that. But nowadays, the top-selling scary costumes are a homicidal maniac or other such serial killer with a weapon, or something really gruesome and bloody. Or 0sama. Seriousy, Halloween Marketing People? Are you kidding me? We want to teach the children in our culture that it is okay to dress up even just one day a year and pretend to be A MURDERER? That's not okay with me. And I realize most kids are too young to get why that is not appropriate. They think that mom and dad are just being difficult because we don't want them carrying something to beat on each other with. Or they think that they need a $50 made-overseas costume instead of something born from their creativity. Where is the imagination in that? And I guarantee you that this year we will see a dozen little girls that are too grown up for their own good, waltzing around literal street corners in Halloween-is-just-dress-up-as-a-slut-day costumes that their mothers allowed out the door. Disgusting. I'm sick of fooling with it. It's not the Christian way. It's become another social/money-driven/loose morals "spot" that I don't want to dwell in. So, let's get this holiday over with, please. I will climb down from my soapbox now. Thanks for humoring me.

And Dear B: Thank you for sacking out with me on the couch for a while last night, after our most laborious weekend. Thanks for allowing me to feel your heart beating beneath my cheek and ruffling my fingers in your chest hair. You are most loved.



  1. Ever see the movie "Mean Girls"? My daughter and I were just talking about the line that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress really slutty.

    Halloween stopped feeling safe when I was little and people were taking the candy for free xrays at the hospitals! Now you take your kids to churches and malls and hope for the best!

  2. I thought it was a trick for Halloween ;)

  3. Amen about the costume soap box! Right with ya on that one!

  4. I agree with your sentiments on halloween. It's competely changed from my childhood. Thus, in our house, we forgo that stuff and just celebrate at our church fall festival. I think we went grocery shopping on Monday. Both my husband and I forgot that it was even halloween.