October 17, 2011

Trevor's Quilt

I love you, my readers. I love you because you have been so patient while I took A YEAR to finish Trevor's quilt. This is the sucker that I made a pattern for. I haven't figured out how to upload the thing to the blog, so if you want the pattern, I'll share it for free. Just email me.

All that pattern whatnot being said, I actually did the pattern, half-sewed the thing, and then tore it out. I tore it out because it was TOO pattern-y. I wanted it to be blocks of whitespace along with the squares of pattern. The result is just lovely. I adore this quilt and so does my big boy.

You can't see it well in the photo below, but this quilt includes a little bit of fabric from the plaid shirt that Trevor wore on his first day of kindergarten. Andy also wore the shirt the following year, so it made its way into my heart.

My topquilter offered to play a bit with the topquilting pattern on this quilt. I can happily tell you that circle-swirls are not just for girls (wow that rhymed, yo!). The topquilt thread color is lime green.

The back has more whitespace than the front, and I tell you what - I almost like it better. Especially that block of grey in the lower corner. Navy blue binding (with about 24" of gray) finished this baby up. I LOVE it!


  1. love the quilt, i would love the pattern