October 12, 2011


Oh, Wednesday, I love you so. I love you because you are the middle of the work week and you signify that there are just two more short days until the weekend with my family.

Trevor's team got the buy, which means they didn't play their first playoff game until last night. And they WON. They had a shaky first half, tied up at halftime 13-13. And then it rained. Holy CRAP it rained! They delayed the remainder of the game by 20 minutes. When they boys took to the field again, I had shivers. And, Folks it was NOT from wind. It was from my kid, who threw some opponent into the ground when he tried to squeak by with the ball. HE IS GOOD. I am so proud of his athleticism. Neither his dad nor I gave this to him, this football thing. Neither of us was really athletic - a little here or there, but not like this. Not 3 years worth of the same thing. This is something Trevor wanted and went after. And then he lucked out with a stepdad who is all over it. Where was I? Oh yes. Our team dominated that second half. The rain filled them up with asskickery. The victory: 32-19. Booyah. Next playoff game is Monday night.

Plus I feel cute today.

One of my readers left a comment yesterday about painting fabric and then embroidering on it, for my winter white quilt. At first I was not super excited about that prospect because I couldn't get past the image of puffy paint from 1984 (this is what I do at new things; it's just who I am - stubborn). Then my brain cracked open and I thought of Lotta Jansdotter. I'm not sure how I could do white on white without feeling the paint (oh I don't want to be able to feel it; it MUST be soft and buttery), but I'm open to ideas about it. Keep them coming!
There's been a song in my head and in my heart since we sang it at church a month or so ago. I'd never heard it before, but I am changed. It is called Your Great Name, by Natalie Grant.

I heard it this morning on the way to work and I gasped. Actually gasped out loud. It stops me. I LOVE it. And then when it was over, Mabel said, "Mommy, I like that soooowng. It's about Jeeeeesus." Listen. Bring tissues.

So as you know, I was able to finish the binding on both boy quilts and Mabel's as well last weekend. Which leaves just Hayley's - and it's not back from the topquilter yet. I have some guilt over that. But someone had to be first (and that someone was Trevor's, which you all can attest to me starting over a year ago!) and someone had to be last. I worked in order of fabric appearance and choice. Itch. Ick, I still feel bad.

Bryon and I are having a date night this Friday (assuming the sitter confirms today). I'm dreaming up dinner at our favorite place (the same spot we ate on our first date, after all of our premarital sessions, and for our non-rehearsal dinner) and then a movie. I'd LOVE to see Courageous, but I'm pretty certain I'll cry the whole time if I do. Not that this would be a bad thing, but it sort of puts a smear on the old eyeliner, know what I'm saying?

I am still in a heavy relationship with Autumn. It's a little rainy, still warm and windy, with the smell of burning leaves in the air. The crops are rolling in and the pink corn fluff is floating through the air. Makes you want to snarfle your man and his hair chest, under the covers on the coach. Just sayin'.


  1. I love that song! She sounds like Shania Twain, and when I first heard the song, I thought, "Shania is singing Christian music now?"

    Keep enjoying Autumn! I know we are not missing the heat and humidity here!