October 19, 2011


The other night Andy brought a notebook to me, showing me a story that he was both writing and illustrating. He loves to draw cartoons, my second son. Anyway, after I loved on his great level of talent, I flipped through the old composition book. I came to a diagram drawn by my then-boyfriend (not even fiancĂ© yet) last year, when we began knitting our lives together. We’ve come so far, Babe. We’ve come so far. And I am so, so proud of you!

So we were in Best Buy the other day waiting, and Mabel and I were stuck watching all of the previews on the big screen television. First Ice Age,  then some football movie that I can’t remember the name of, then U-571. It was then that Moo pointed at the screen and giggled. “Mommy, it’s a weiner boat!” I laughed and corrected her, “That’s called a submarine, Sweetie.” “Right, Mom. It’s a submawiener.”

I read last night that the average 4 yr old asks 437 questions a day. Good to know we are only a tad past normal.  

You might have noticed a month or so back, I took a picture of the voter-tested best lipgloss in Lucky Magazine. It was Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, by Clinique. I was returning a skirt at the mall a week or so ago and strolled into Macy’s to check it out. I’m not sure if it was the lady in the white labcoat or the fluorescent lighting, but I was transported back to some of my favorite memories in high school: shopping at the Clinique counter. The gal that I babysat for in the 10th grade used Clinique. The next time it was ‘free gift’ time, she gave me a little bag of goodies of my very own. I used Clinique for years! So there I stood last week, in love with being a girl – and ‘free gift’ time at that! I came out of there with Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (it’s the perfect sheer pink/red), Clarifying Lotion, and a ton of free goodies.

Halloween is coming you know. Mabel asks me every day how many sleeps until then. She is going to be a pink fairy princess (we’re all shocked - not). Hayley is going with a witch (I think), Trevor a zombie (with no weapon – what the heck is it with boys and weapons on Halloween? I DON’T THINK SO), and Andrew is deciding between a troll and an army man (again, no weapon). All of this depends of course on the weather Halloween night. They are saying we will have snow by then. It was 26 degrees last night folks. Nothing fell out of the sky, but it’s looming large.

Did you know that there is a thing called ‘equal rights among siblings’? As an only child, I was not privy to this information until my own 3rd child came forth from my uterus and everyone began keeping track of who got what, and where they went, and how many fruit snacks so-and-so had. Then I added #4 this year and holy crapload, it got worse. Let’s just say that I am now an expert at this thing called ‘equal rights.’ That does not mean I get it right all the time, but it does mean that I take the lead on topics like this in our household. While Bryon WAS a sibling, he had Hayley by herself for 6 years until we came along. You can’t become an expert in this equality business overnight. So, when it comes to tussles such as this, I weigh in.

My brain was on fire last night. I sent 8 emails to myself while in bed watching The Golden Girls. Can’t sleep unless I dump it all out, yo.

Husband asked for mashed potatoes last night via hot roast beef sandwich, which reminds me, I need a roast. And actually, it’s mostly because he’s craving cow. Our date last Friday was hosed when our babysitter cancelled at 10pm the night before (I am not fond, People… not fond) and thus, we ate no steak. WE NEED COW. Ahem. 

When we have Hayley, she asks to watch The Golden Girls. Is this cute or alarming?

Have you all been following my bestie Mindy Lulu’s adoption story? Mindy, Roger, and their brood of 5 are adopting a lovely baby boy named Henry! He is DARLING. And she lets me call him Hank anytime I want! And he has beautiful, Asian eyelashes and chunky toes. I want to kiss them soon, Melinda. Like when you land in the cheese. [Isn’t it really annoying, all this code crap between besties via blog?]

And Dear B: I think that it’s so cute that you laid your clothes out last night, for your electrical presentations today. I love that you plan ahead like me, and that two nights ago you asked for my opinion on which khakis to wear. [This because you typically don’t wear khakis; you usually kick ass in jeans and steel-toed work boots all day long.]

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