October 11, 2011

Winter White

I first mentioned the all-white quilt that lived in my head a long, long time ago. That itch quit for a while when I bought a white quilt off of Target’s shelf on clearance for cheaper than it would have cost for me to make it. And we sleep under that white quilt every night. But folks, the itch is back. And it’s a handmade, machine mix itch, I think. Embroidered even. Thick and lofty.

I realize that I need to bind Hayley’s quilt before I can even begin. Oh yes, I know. But I cannot stop thinking about this winter white quilt all of a sudden. I don’t think the itch is going to quit this time. Indulge me for a mo’?

It needs to be big and thick, to rest as the top layer on our bed in the wintertime. I thought of it this morning when I didn’t want to crawl out from under the 3 layers on my bed because the husband slept with the window open last night. [When I start shivering in the night, he sticks an arm or leg out at me and I’m telling you – he is SO warm ALL the time, that I am instantly comforted. I love that.]

I had originally thought of getting a duvet and white cover for Christmas. Like, from the store. But I’m feeling some nesting coming on. I need to make this sucker or it’s not going to leave me alone. And I have this thing in my head. I want to do it MY way. (Duh.)

I'm thinking about finding some vintage white sheets with some white on white pattern, if I can find one. So I can do tonal embroidery. Which ought to be a blast at night with a teeny tiny light on in the bedroom.

Like this, only white...

I also love the idea of meandering by hand, in lines that are mostly straight, as below. Only in white...

The closest I can come to what is living in my brain are these pictures from Aunty Cookie.. and while this is gorgeous, it is flat. And the one in my head is decidedly un-flat. Thick. Fluffy. I'm not even sure how to machine the thing together if you want my honest opinion.

Ideas, friends?

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  1. What about one of those new down throws that everyone is in love with? they are white. you could do one of those fabric paint and stencil things to it, then embroider, right?

    http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/All-Seasons-250-Thread-Count-Down-Blend-Comforter/4104109/product.html this one is only $49 so not a huge gamble.

    Being allergic to down, I have no idea if this would be quiltable.

    I don't know. It makes sense in my head, anyway.

  2. How about white flannel? White flannel duvet cover filled with the thickest down that's made. Duvet could be embroidered and tossed in the laundry. And flannel is super soft.

    Patty from Cincinnati