November 29, 2011

Eating at Me

My brain is buzzing this week. Holy moly. I have holidy-itis. How about a mess of thinking today?

This year, the babysitter is closing for a few days after Christmas. Because Bryon will have to work, that leaves me to watch the children. Now -someone, somwhere might think I am insane in the membrane, but I choose to see this as a relaxation celebration instead. Ten days alone with children (well, other than the evenings when Bryon will walk in the doorway and I will leap into his arms and ask him to save me - ahem) isn't scary really. No way. IAMSOEXCITED. My 3 will be spending their entire Christmas break with us this year, so I will have someone tiny by my side the entire time. My brain is buzzing with what to do with myself. For those times when the kids are self-occupied or sleeping? Bridget Jones and Love Actually. The Holiday. Family Stone.

I am ready to start my next projects. The creative juices are flowing and I'm ready to let them go. I do have some skirts on hand for the girls that I am considering whipping together for Christmas, but I haven't decided about that yet. Maybe. I keep changing them in my head so that's not helping things (corduroy! crenoline! HO - NOT what I have on hand.) The skirts are not what is eating at me, though. And I've learned to work on the things that are eating at me first.

The canvas for our living room is eating at me.

My blog book is eating at me. Except Blurb is misbehaving and I lost 350 pages already because of a technical issue. I'm too mad to work on this one right now. But it's still eating me.

The girls' second blankets are eating at me. Wait -what was that? Oh yes. Since the girls and Trevor are downstairs (remember, ground level NOT basement icebox) it is a little bit chillier in their room than it is upstairs. Also, they want to drag their quilts all over everyplace to snuggle in around the house. This is... cumbersome. Bryon suggested that the girls in particular have another blanket on their beds for just such a reason. (Trevor digs into his blankets now and swirls until he is covered by a pound of fluff on all sides. When he was little it had to be just-so. Not so much now.) Of course Husband meant that I should walk myself upstairs and select blankets from the ample supply in our linen closet and apply them to the little beds. Free and easy. But I can't do things that easily. Come on now, who am I? No, no, no. I'm all busy dreaming up their next blankets. This time they won't be full twin size; they will be smaller. Mobile. I'm thinking of buying a full/queen warm & natural roll and then chopping her in half. Sortof. Whatever THAT size is. It needs to be small enough for me to work in my machine or by hand but a bit bigger than crib size. Maybe flannel or an upcycled blanket and some yarn will be involved. Yes I said by hand. I'm not really itching to stitch by hand, I'm itching to knot it.

When I was little, my granny used to make apple pies with cinnamon Red Hots inside. Not my thing, but I sure do love making her apple pies without the candies. Might have to pop one of those out of my oven this holiday.

Bryon mentioned a remarkable (yet inexpensive) idea for the house last week. I don't want to share until we can make it happen. Plans are underway!

Ever notice how difficult it is to find vintage BOY linens? I mean, if you exclude dump trucks, super heros, star wars, and the like. I'd even take just the right 1970's vintage brown over what I keep seeing! All I keep finding are stripes and primary colors. Uh... no. Frustrating.

"DEER!" Mabel shouted on the drive the other day. On that morning it was 24 degrees out with dense fog - prime environment for road frost. And the speed limit is 75 so, there is NO quick braking. That's just stupidity. So I scanned everywhere for this mammal before me. "Where?" I shouted. "In my Bambi book, Mama! Right here," she pointed from her carseat. Took about 10 minutes for my heart to resume normal pace.

I am in love with this place that I live. It's becoming the season of rebirth, the white-washing away of everything past. This morning hoarfrost covered everything in white glitter. The sun was behind the dense fog, so it was like heaven, I think. White, glowing, and glittery -that's what Heaven looks like in my mind. This must be it on earth.

My friend Michelle and I went for sushi last week. Just because. Because she needed someone to listen and because God placed her on my heart so strongly that I invited her to dinner sometime around 9 on Monday morning. We looked forward to it all day. We spent quite a long time deciding and I was adventurous. We had eel (it's cooked) and (cream) cheese appetizer - yummo. Then, a Tokyo roll, sashimi plate, and peanut avocado roll. Michelle had a seaweed salad and I, miso soup. We also shared a rainbow roll and I learned that red snapper is not red - it's white. And it was wonderful. I remember Becky telling me that eel was not her favorite, but I was quite suprised by it. Slightly fishing but not at all overwhelming. In fact, the salmon is fishier in my opinion. It was all delicious. Hot tea, warm words, and talk of Jesus over sushi. What on earth could be better than that?!

We didn't eat our Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Instead we had family time and planned to cook Saturday. We visited Bryon's elderly grandmother on Saturday afternoon before dinner (her 90th birthday is approaching). She hasn't been doing so well, so we decided to prioritize her over a meal. Bryon's mom made her way to our place after we got home that evening, and my husband and I finished up Thanksgiving dinner together in our kitchen: roasted turkey (stuffed with lemons halves and garlic gloves, and butter/fresh herbs tucked under the skin), mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. We had delicious company, a wonderful prayer, and a beautiful family. So, so blessed. And? My mother in law LOVES when I cook. Compliments all over the place; it was the weirdest and most fun feeling ever!

When we were visiting Grandma Darlene last weekend, Grandpa Delmer was in the hospital suffering from a chemo setback. Unfortunately, we could not visit him while we were there. Even more sadly, he passed away last night. So this weekend will mark the second funeral Husband and I have attended within the past month. Our heart is breaking for Grandma Darlene. Prayers are requested. I will be giving this its own post soon.

It's officially been 3 years since my last cigarette. I can tell you honestly that I really don't even think of it anymore. God is good.

Trevor washed dishes last night after dinner. He looked so grown up standing at the sink. He was wearing blue camo pajama pants and no shirt, and was up to his elbows in bubbles.

Bryon and I are meeting today with the pastor that married us. We meet once per month at least, just to talk about married life. You could certainly call it counseling but we think of it more as mentoring. A platform to speak our minds. We do have so many more issues to face together than the average couple, and we are determined to experience them with grace and God together. That is HARD, yo. We love that we share such a good friend and can be so honest with him and with each other. It's a blessing.

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