November 18, 2011

Have A Simple Christmas: Gift Ideas

So many of you were inspired by my post about a simplistic Christmas. Me, too! So, I thought I would share some of the links I've been sent that I love, as well as some of the other ideas I've been collecting on Pinterest (follow me using that red button over on the left  <-------------  ). Maybe you'll be even MORE inspired! Then I'll be more inspired, and then you, and then me, and then our heads will blow up. Thought ought to look interesting.

I want to start with the fort kit that started it all - this awesome thing will be sitting under our tree this year, I hope. I'm scouting the following materials from thrift stores: pillowcase for the "bag", 2 twin flat sheets or thin blankets for forting (is that a word?), 2 flashlights, and binoculars.

I saw these and thought of the many little things my babies collect. Hayley loves beads so this would be ideal for her, and easily made from items around your home: upcycled food jars, plastic animals, and spray paint.
I love this sweet pillow. Folks, this is easily made - with no pattern. Just grab some butcher paper and trace an animal head - or draw it freestyle with a pencil onto your fabric. Then embroider the face, sew, and fill with batting.
Oh how I have always dreamed of making pillow case nightgowns!
It's easy to rustle up some embroidery floss and whip up some friendship necklaces, and bracelets! Directions are all over internet these days.
I know I've posted these ornaments before. Circle punch some favorite pictures and mount to your favorite patterned paper. Modpodge it if you feel fancy. The grandparents will go bonkers for this simple but special gift. 
Dana Made some twirly skirts. So ridiculously easy - you can do one in an evening. Probably in two episodes of Grey's Anatomy!
Now this fancy denim bag is... drool-worthy. I'm including this for you fellow overachievers out there. If only I had the time!
Handmade snow globes with vintage mason jars and ornaments? Yes please!
My heart flippity flopped when I saw this little horse, I'm not going to lie. Moo Moo would ride all over everyplace. Might just hafta...
I can't think of anything easier or inexpensive than glorious snowflakes. Since the ones that God provides can't really be brought inside for long, how about making some with pretty paper and suspending them all over your kitchen or above little beds this year?
If you're a master baker, consider making something you love for the people you love. Wrap it up and gift it - what a wonderful gift from the heart!
Children are busybodies. They can't help it. A little busy kit like this water bottle full of colored pencils is just the trick. Plus, it's a clever way to transport them to/from school.
This. This image - *sigh* you will see this again. I adore this. I'm currently in cahoots with my inner creative soul to decide the easiest and least expensive way to create something like this for our home. But think of it... a collection of your most prized photos, printed and mounted onto a big matteboard, and then framed in your mom's house. Or your great aunt Louie. Now THAT is a gift.
This bag needs to come live at my house. Sadly, this very bag is very pricey. I am inspired to learn how to make a granny square because of this bag. Because I want to make this bag and then make another one for Lulu.
Homemade marshmallows. Le sigh.
If you read this blog (and aren't my ex-husband), then you probably sew. If you sew then you have scrap fabric or fabric that is ready to leave your home. Why not roll it up with a bow and gift it to your bestie?
If you're lucky enough to live in a rural area, or an area that hasn't realized how popular and valuable vintage Pyrex is - try stopping into a local thrift store. You might luck out and score one for less than $10. It's the best thing ever for serving dinner, collecting veggie scraps, or holding toy food. I know that last one from experience.
Do you have any vintage sheets, fabric, or kid's clothing laying around? You could make a banner!
Disclaimer*  These are some items that I found interesting, but there are certainly MANY more out there, including recipes for slime, play-doh, and 47 different cookie ingredients in a jar. Visit Pinterest and check them all out!
Be encouraged to think outside of the normal parameters for this Christmas. Give what you have. Give joy and love! 

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  1. The stripey marshmallows would be terrific for a hot cocoa kit - complete with a vintage mug, perhaps? I may just have to try that. And the snow globes and hobby horse are genius! The horse is so cute I'm tempted to rub its nose and offer it a carrot. Perhaps it should come with a felt carrot or two. :) I'll have to wait a couple of years until my son is old enough for that one.