November 21, 2011

Phyllis Is 7

#3 turned 7 last Friday. Wowsers.

This year, the week of Hayley's birthday was wrought with complications. Dad had his monthly presentation at work and two departmental budgets due. Then Hayley, Trevor, and Mabel decided to get pink eye and require a doctor's visit and prescription. As a result, I didn't have time to charge my camera battery or make her cake [and yes, my heart was broken at that] and the family who was coming to our house had to cancel. 

Hales held it together decently well (oh yes, there were waterworks from my sensitive girl, but she found her smile again) and we absolutely salvaged a great birthday celebration - OUR way. She picked out an orange, frosted angel food cake with birthday cake ice cream.

We had a family game night playing cards and made her favorite loaded nachos for dinner - with blue punch! She opened her presents and most loved her purple flower necklace, a long, beaded necklace picked out by Mabel, and her quilt, which she snuggled into immediately to watch a movie on the couch.


On Saturday we decided that a distraction was needed. She's been asking to get her ears pierced for months. Bryon thought for sure his sensitive, nervous little girl would chicken out. I didn't think so; she's been bucking up a bit. She WANTED this. She was going to go through with it. He asked her if she was scared. I asked her if she was ready to be brave. "You can so do this, Hayley," I said. Even Mabel was excited to have Hayley's ears match hers and watched with very wide eyes.

She hopped right up in that chair. There wasn't any talking her out of it.

We asked her if she wanted someone to hold her hands and she picked me. Me!

She picked out rainbow flowers. Very precious.

Oh my yes, my big girl is indeed big. She grew a lot this weekend - in ways we never could have planned. We are both so very proud of her.

Love you, Phyllis.


  1. You and Bryon are such good parents! You both have such great hearts! Wishing your big girl a happy birthday and all the blessings in the world. (I do agree -as with your previous post- that we should all understand that life is all about love and simple pleasures and not about money and stuff.)

  2. I admire you for the way you love and mother her. :)

  3. I only "liked" this because as much as the whole cancellation thing bites and makes for upset feelings for almost all involved, you did it right. She certianly did grow and she learned something about dependability.

    I am so inspired by what you share. Thank you!