November 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, for His love, and the gift of His Son - who SAVED MY LIFE and forgives my sins.
I am thankful for my husband, who took so many hard years to find but who is more worth it than I could ever have imagined. 
I am thankful for my children, all four of them who hold their own solid ground in my heart - who each push me to be better and teach me more about our world.
I am thankful for my family, that most especially includes my mother, whom I especially miss every year on Thanksgiving - and my Lulu, who is the sister God surprised me with after I was mostly grown up (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LULU).
I am thankful for my friends (all of YOU), and for our church - where I am supported and loved unconditionally.
I am thankful for our home, warm, unique to us, and hosting of all of our 6 peep traditions.
I am thankful for our vehicles and the jobs we drive back and forth to, which really are no more than the means by which we support everything above.
I am thankful for all of the trials in our lives that draw us closer to the Lord, and for the perspective and maturity (however difficult and long to get) it takes to realize their blessings.
I am thankful for our earth, for the delicious fruits, vegetables, and animals that God gave to us - especially the opportunity I have to care for my family by using these gifts.
I am thankful for my freedom, my country, and the community in which we live - a place shielded from much of the world's societal pressures and full of God's sweet music.

Now then. With those MOST important things said first - I have collected a list for you all this week.

1. I'm in love with tomato red, gray, and black.

2. Random panels of wallpaper (on MDF board perhaps?) - very nice.
3. Sushi. I am now a believer and I'm all in. I love eel (it's cooked, Peeps - don't freak). Red snapper and albacore tuna sashimi are good, though I find regular tuna too soft to eat alone. Personal preference. I've gotten quite adventurous with maki and, so long as it doesn't have an eyeball somewhere or covered in topeko (eggs), I've tried oh so many delicious things. From the start of edamame, and miso soup (which Mabel loves). LOVE.

4. My husband's love and eager interest in Harry Potter. Like, he ordered it up on OnDemand even though he knew fully we'd be buying it the next time we stepped foot into Target. And then proceeded to comment on Nagini and Snape (oh the horror), as well as his love for Neville. Dude even said 'lumos' the other day (though he didn't use the spell correctly - shhh). My heart went pitter-pat.

11. Go check out Gifted e-magazine. Wonderful, handmade, SIMPLE Christmas gift ideas!
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