November 2, 2011


This year, costumes stood thus: Harry Potter (yes, Trevor is wearing a brown wig), old man/hobo (seriously how amazing is Andy's fake 'stache and gray wig?), pink fairy sheep princess (not going to lie, that one was my favorite), and cowgirl.
I realized yesterday that the gray cardigan that I so-effortlessly-chic threw over my white Hurley tee (with black marled trousers and black patent heels, thankyouverymuch) is actually um, not clean. I wore it only for an hour or so over the weekend, but it must have been during that break where I thew together lunch for the kids because there is a heck of a stain on the right arm. This would be embarrassing if anyone ever saw me but considering I work pretty alone these days, I think I'm safe.
I apologize for the station dark day yesterday, but I haven't finished editing the football playoff photos and I really want to get those posted.
Last night before bed, Husband declared it a music evening by bringing his iPod under the covers and scrolling through some tunes. Each comes with a story you know, one his - one mine - one ours, and so on. Then he looked up the newest music out there in the category of Christian/Gospel. Because he knows that's how I roll. We listened to some Jeremy Camp, Michael Gungor, Laura Story, and Casting Crowns. He was curious about the music list before him and scrolled through at the most popular songs, when he clicked on something I NEVER thought he'd ever stumble on: Jesus Freak, by old-school DC Talk. REALLY?!?!  His neck started bobbing. I laughed OUT LOUD.
I am so glad that football practice is over for the year. At first it's inspirational and fun and family euphoria-inducing. After 3 months, that shit 3 times a week will kill you. OY!
Okay, I have to post about grades. Trevor scored all A's and B's with one C in library. For talking. DUH.  Andy scored all A+'s except for Science. That was a big, fat, whopping D!!! His grade card looks ridiculous... A+, A+, A+. A+, D, A+... seriously. He loves science (remember his cytoplasmic jello experiment that fell to pieces on the bus?) but Andy does not like having to do work. That sounds harsh, but it is true. If there is an easy way out or anyone else to do something for him, 99% of the time, Andy will go that route. He has to WANT to do well in order to put forth the effort, which is why this is so frustrating. His Science class has open-book tests, REtests, and extra credit. He declines all 3 just to get it over with and go play or fiddle with experiments. In fact, if you ask him about his D, he smiles. I think he thinks it is cool to be rogue. So, he's lost his DS for a few months and has to read his Science book every night while we're cooking dinner. Aren't we hateful parents? *eyeroll*
What should dinner be tonight? Burritos (our favorite)? What should I make for dinner this weekend? Chicken pot pie or meatloaf and mashed potatoes (since I know he'll eat them - SCORE)? We do have Hales this weekend and she crinkled her nose at pot pie the last time. Since I don't feel like dealing with drama and sentencing her to stand in the corner for a bad attitude for the entirety of dinner, I think I'll go with the nice and easygoing meatloaf. We don't make specialty dinners in our house. I'm not a cafeteria. There are times when we know ahead of time and purposely make something special for the kids while we eat something fantastic ("scary and disgusting" shrimp, for example), but 99% of the time, they have to lump it. Fresh veggies and fruits are served with every single meal and the rule is, they must try new foods and EAT them. Be respectful. That means no tantrums. And my oldest girl is a fantastic tantrum kicker at the dinner table. Oh, no ma'am. So, this weekend, I vote easy. 
Hayley's quilt is ready at Mary's! I need to reserve some time to drive out to pick it up, and then stitch on the binding. I'm so happy she'll have it before her birthday to snuggle in. Best. Stepmom. Gift. EVAH. 
Did I tell you all that when I sat down to work on my blog project that the "lid" or screen/front/whatevah on my laptop finally bid adieu? Oh yes. It's been broken for more than a year, held together by black duct tape (applied by IT Jesus during some surgery in his office). Black Betty was fit to sing her last even then. It's been slow to start, even slower to run programs, and even difficult to edit my photos. So when I opened the thing and heard a crunch and then felt the lid lift into my hand, I knew her life was drawing to a close. Sad, she's only 5 years old - which I understand is ancient in computer years. So, guess what mommy needs for Christmas. With that damn money tree of course. I'm just praying I can keep Betty propped up on that jug of cranapple juice for as long as possible... keep chuggin', old girl.
Bryon opened the outside freezer the other day and found rocks and a baby doll inside. Mabel was there.
This morning as I drove to work, Mabel sang Tenth Avenue North to me. Every word. Now pardon my high horse (it's not meant to sound the way it's going to), but that is so fantastically better than her singing Sexy Chic, don't you agree? Beauty in = beauty out; garbage in = garbage out.
And Dear B: Know what I love about you? I love how you want to sack out on the couch just so can say you watched some football in the evenings, and how you ask me to cuddle in front of you.... then how, within 4 minutes, I am trapped so warm beneath your arm while you snoooooooooore into my left ear. It's especially my favorite if the remote is within reaching distance because yo, football is just not as fun without you awake with me. Except on those nights when I start snoring, too, and wake you up at 1am. Love it.

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