November 9, 2011


I'm here. I don't feel like writing anything stupid and trivial (because everything now seems stupid and trivial), but I'm forcing it. Life must continue on and at the very least, I need a distraction.
I like my ceiling fan.
I want to say thank you for the prayers you all are sending, for the reaching out you've done. This friend of ours was not one of The Boys, but was someone we both knew. The accident was horrific and Bryon and I both watched him go, into the arms of Jesus. I cannot share further details. I can promise you that years from now when this time has passed, I will share more about my feelings on that awful day. But until then I will march forward, busying myself with this and that and Things I Love and so on, when really, I just want to non-stop flop myself onto my husband and children and ignore all of the rest of the NOISE of this life. Every day.
Remember what matters, Friends. Be RELENTLESS in your pursuit of it. Then have the courage to keep it your priority.
Healthy breakfast favorite: chilled bartlett pear and colby jack cheese.
The pumpkin scone from Starbuck's isn't bad. I had a vendor come in for a price reduction meeting and he brought me cappucino and a scone. Fo sho. And? After I had solidified the cost reduction, we talked about Jesus for almost 2 hours. FO SHO.
I haven't started the binding on Hayley's quilt yet. I know, I know, right?! Her birthday is in 9 days. I have 9 days to get it on and get it washed and ready. It's not a birthday present really, but I do want to have it for her ahead of then or on that day. I'm thinking of putting it on top of her overnight and letting her wake up with it. Then again, she doesn't wake well so I may change my mind (because my heart would be broken if she did not notice).
We are having Hamburger Helper tonight. It is Andy's favorite. I haven't made it in more than a year, but he remembers it from living at Nana's house, and from when that's all mom could afford. God love my kiddos. They are delicious little farts.
Trevor was not able to attend the trophy party for his football team, on account of mom and dad's huge loss on Monday. I felt bad when I called and asked T if he would be willing to miss it, but he understood. He also understood when I told him (in an age-appropriate fashion minus details, mind you) what happened and why we just needed to come home and hug him (and the others) instead of going anywhere. There are awful things in this life that teach you that family is THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. THING.  I know I've said this before but it bears repeating.
The Golden Girls just aren't doing it for me this week. Keeping praying, okay?
And Dear B: There are no words. There is not enough in my brain to communicate how grateful I am that I can have you another day. That is wasn't you. That I can still find your whiskers in the sink and your clothes in the closet. Thank you for letting me trip over your work boots. Thank you for being my husband. You are IT.

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