November 16, 2011


Dear Lady in the Bathroom: please do not whistle while you're working. I don't want to know what you're doing in there, but no one needs to whistle while it's coming out. Thank you muchly.
I got an email from Andrew's Science teacher this morning. He received at 98% on his most recent test! It's frustrating when you have a brilliant child who doesn't want to put forth any extra effort. But when you take away an afternoon recess, magical things begin to happen. Way to go, Andy!
I have an Etsy list going. Want to know what is on it?
twin bed sheets - girl AND boy
fort kit stuffs
picnic basket
melmac set
I also have a thrift list going. Wanna see it, too?
everything above
jeans for my biggest girl
alarm clocks for Andy (these are going into a kit of things for him to tear apart and rebuild - Christmas present)
necklaces for the biggest girl
old halloween costumes for dress up
horses for the littlest girl
If my left nose would stop running, I would be SO HAPPY.
I got my hair done this week - just refreshened the semi color, brightened up my 3 highlights (they are bright blonde), and got a trim. I only go every 3 months and holidays are coming, right? It was time. This time she dialed in the color to be a cooler brown (as opposed to warm because warm = red and HOLY COW WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH THAT). I LOVE it. If I think of it, I'll self photo. 
I need to steam my clothing. I have a lot of cotton - this is the year of tee shirt, after all - so I do not iron* those. That doesn't work out so well. Steaming is where it's at. Not to mention the fact that my drapes require an occassional steaming as well. Two birds, one stone, and all. Anyway my point is - I have a heap that needs steaming. Maybe this weekend?
*This is a bit of bullshit because I DO NOT IRON. I will clean 47 toilets before I will iron. Just personal preference. Personal preference that God saw fit to match up with a man who irons habitually. I'm not sure that Bryon 'likes' to iron, but he does it. The man irons his jeans, which I use to roll my eyes at but now think is precious. What was I saying?
You know, I re-read one of my most recent blog posts that had the word 'snot' in the title (sorry about that, by the way) and you know, it really lacks direction, that post. No fluid thought. No winding-up sentence. I was ingesting great amounts of cold medicine when it was written, so there you are. I hope you'll forgive me.
She likes my bald spot.
She thinks she can shoot a gun.
She likes to get dirty.
3 more things said to me by my husband last week, that I only remembered today.
Today is hump day. I plan to make my mark on the day. 
I haven't had much of an appetite lately, given the noxious cold I've had. But I want to cook. I love to cook. Cooking is something that became therapy for me by accident. After a long day, I don't mind doing it. There is peace and comfort in the sequence, the creativity, and the providing for my lovies. Bryon and I watch it together quite often. Don't misunderstand... Bryon DOES cook, but he doesn't love it like I do; he watches because he knows I love it. Sweet, no?

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