December 27, 2011

The Canvas Project: Love Will Turn You Around

I finished the canvas project and am very pleased with the results. How about some details, yo.

I bought a 16" x 20" canvas 2 pack from Hobby Lobby for $9.99 months ago and never found the right project for it. I was a big fat painting chicken. Then I saw this Pin on Tara Whitney's Pinboard. And then I devised a plan to use that canvas.

On the day that the urge overtook me, I also found bottles of black and white Delta Dreamcoat acrylic paint in my closet. And paintbrushes. It was meant to be.

I started by painting the entire surface with black, two coats. I painted on top of the new dining room table, using butcher paper to keep my husband from having a reason to kick my ass. It worked quite well. The paint dried quickly.

As you can see in the process shots, I didn't paint the words perfectly the first time. I didn't use pencil on the canvas, as I had considered beforehand. I wanted to write it in white paint, freehand. I did pencil it onto the paper just to get a feel for where I wanted my larger loops to be, how I wanted to fit 'around' into the corner. And then I took a deep breath, and painted.

If I painted something I didn't like, I waited until it was dry and went over it with black. I painted over just one letter at a time and kept what I wanted. I experimented with 3 different sizes of flat brushes, 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4".  There wasn't much I had to repaint once I embraced the imperfection.

When I was finished, I coated it with glossy ModPodge. Once dry, we hung it in the living room beside our wedding picture. Bryon loved it immediately, having been the one to make the final choice in the lyrics it would display. Love Will Turn You Around, by Kenny Rogers. Love will indeed turn you around.

We love it. I would encourage any of you to try this project. I bet I spent less than $20 overall, and that would include full bottles of paint and the ModPodge. One half-off coupon to Hobby Lobby and you'd be in business!

And now Bryon's favorite lyrics:

Right when a man's doing all that he planned
And he thinks he got just what he needs
Life will deliver a shock that will shiver
And drive him down to his knees
Make him start givin, living, living again

Well it's your mind, that tricks you in believing every time
Love will turn you around, turn you around
Well it's your heart, that talks you into to staying where you are
Love will turn you around, turn you around

Out of the blue she reaches for you
And you tell her you don't have the time
So you move away fast but you know it won't last
cause you can't get her off of your mind
Thoughts are burning, turning, they're turning around

I love that this part of our story now hangs in our home.


  1. I love this! I will have to try it out.

  2. This, I think, might make a good project for my D. Thanks for the post.