December 31, 2011

Goodbye, 2011

So, if you're my friend on Facebook,  you read my post this morning and probably barfed yourself. I really am that happy most of the time. Can't help it.

It's very hard to believe that today is the last day of 2011. What a year... I've been married almost this entire year to my best friend, my life has changed in immeasurable ways. My walk with God has gotten much closer, and my relationships with my children have prospered for it. There have been challenges that could have knocked us flat, but God was there the whole time, lifting and holding. While we were trusting. I am so in love with this life that I have and in this place where I live. I feel so blessed. Moreover, I am blessed to have all of my friends and family who love and support me. Have a safe and wonderful new year, Friends.

I suppose that's how you say it when you're limited to a certain number of characters. Here is what I didn't have room for:

Bryon's promotion and how that's changed our family
The most amazing winter wedding covenant
Reaffirmation that Buck is the Man
An almost tragic happening with Nana and how that's changed our relationship
Our eight week date while the kids were gone
My golf swing
Dierks Bentley concert, yo (complete with red hair!)
My new position and what that has meant
Bullying knothole that nearly caused an identity crisis
The basement, the bills, the home makeover
LifeLight Christian music festival
The unexpected trial
The heavy, thick, and stewy first year of marriage that has been SO FREAKING AWESOME
The bonfires outside while fires roared inside
The horrific death of our coworker right in front of us
Grandpa Delmer's death and how that strengthened our whole family
Watching Grandma Darlene become weaker and remarkably strong at the same time
Amazing holidays that solidified our family and friendships

There are more things and definitely a littany of crafting, homemaking, cooking, and sewing projects that are too numerous to list out here. All of them - I am thankful for each and every one of them.

I am also quite thankful for all of you, for your allowing me to share my life in this space. I wish upon you a closer walk with Jesus, good friendships, health, and a desire to be the light.

I'd like to include in my last post for 2011 my favorite verse of scripture right now:

You are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. You are a city on a hill. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BEFORE OTHERS so that they can see your good works and give GLORY TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.  Matthew 5:14-16

God bless you, my friends. Carry on.

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