December 19, 2011


I'm running behind today, Folks. I'm uploading pictures so that I can expedite them here by Friday because we are HOSTING Christmas on Sunday and also need to hurry up and get to dinner with Michelle because YO - it's sushi time. Then I must run home tonight and finish the new wall (more to come I pinky swear) before I come in to work tomorrow to do rush inventory counts in jeans and sweatshirt.

2 awesome birthday presents, given a day early by the best husband ever. Christmas party was AH-some. Then the best husband ever and I got into the hugest argument ever and I cried for 4 hours. It was stupid, just you wait. And then I got sick and pooped for 4 more hours, all the while he snored. Then he woke up and made it the BEST argument ever and the best birthday I've ever had. Weird, but very true.

I am dillusional and I will share more when I can stop thinking in runon sentences. How many days until Christmas? GAH.

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