December 12, 2011


Two things on my mind today: Nuzzling is my new favorite, and I want snow for my birthday. More on those later.

Happy Monday, yo. We had a great and productive weekend, though I don't have the photos of my newly painted wall to show you yet. Why, you ask? Because I'm lazy and decided to feed my face and cuddle my hubbers instead.

This weekend, the kids and I finished decorating the Christmas tree while Bryon was at work for a little while. After the tree was done and he was home, they attacked him. His mom told me that his father used to wrestle Bryon and Bret all the time when they were littles; that made me smile.
We went to pick up Hayley's pink electric guitar from her mom's house on Saturday evening so that she and brother could jam. Yes I did just say that really cool sentence. Andy is teaching her what he learned from lessons, and beyond that - they are learning together. For HOURS, they jammed this weekend. On a related note, Trevor's trumpet is getting GOOD. I am very proud of him! He has quite the embouchure for it (the bigmouth - HA!).

I'm trying something new with my hair. It's too curly. Can you believe it? Seriously, it's never been this curly ever in my life. I think it's the outrageously great sex. Can't really think of anything else in my life that's changed in the past year other than that. Too bad they can't bottle THAT. Sorry. Not sure what's gotten into me today and I'm sorry you have to deal with it. Anyway, this new hair thing. First, I've stopped blowing it out straight for a while. The main reason is because it's getting too long and it takes more than 20 minutes to do. Yikes. I do still blow out my bangs, considering God blessed me with a cowlick on both sides of my forehead, making the natural bang thing just... stupid. I use Aquage Curl Cream and still air dry the curls, but instead of letting them be, I gather all of my hair together and gentle twist it several times, just laying it over my should, until my hair is dry. This stretches the curls out and I'm left with loose waves instead of corkscrews and frizz. It's even better on the second day.

So, the nuzzling. Nuzzling is my new favorite. Sunday morning, Bryon and I woke up late. We were both lazy tired; the kids were still sleeping. It was that blue-light-of-morning time when it chills you to stick a knee out from under the covers. I remember scooching toward him, and his strong arms swooping me toward him. I shivered from the cold and his I-am-basically-Alcide-Hervaux-the-werewolf hairy chest warmed me up. I love it when his hairy chest warms me up. There was giggling and hair that was sideways, pillows on the floor. Then after, we laid our cheeks against the cool sheet on the bed, as even more blue light leaked in the window. He nuzzled his forehead into my shoulder and rubbed it gently back and forth. He needed me. His hand rubbed my back and still, he nuzzled. His nose softly rubbed my arm and my neck. He didn't kiss; he just... nuzzled. He needed me. I rolled a little and snuggled into him closer, and he nuzzled my face and neck. I could feel him breathing against me. His heart was thumping like mad under my hand. There are a millions ways to show someone you need them, I suppose. And I've decided that nuzzling is my favorite. He spoke no words but said so much.

This week, I am waiting for feelings. I'm not sure which way they are going to take me. Sunday is my birthday. Sunday is also my dad's death day. Usually half the day is spent happy and the other half is spent sort of forlorn. I miss him. It's been 15 years this year. Oh my.

I've decided that I mostly would very much like to have snow for my birthday. I don't think it's too much to ask, considering the fact that we live in the middle of Da Plains and hello? WHERE IS THE SNOW?! Aside from the 1/2" we had a week ago, there has been nothing. Zilch. It's long melted, too. I can see grass, Peeps. On December 12, I can see green grass. That is not right! I need some fluffery, puffery, crunchly, glittery snow before Christmas. I have requested a good 12" dump. We'll have to see what God provides, I reckon!

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  1. It was nearly 80 deg. here in TX on my dad's 'feast' day yesterday.

    Thanks for this post. My hubby's been doing more of the nuzzling thing lately-- I sometimes need to be reminded of what that means. :)