December 6, 2011




This past weekend was amazing. Truly, truly wonderful. It wasn’t full of anything in particular, but was full of everything important.

  • We traveled back to Homeboy’s hometown to attend the visitation and funeral service for his grandfather. [Grandma Darlene is still going strong. Hollah, Jesus!]
  • We visited the rocket slide that he played on as a child and my 3 agreed: it is THE BEST SLIDE EVAH.
  • I met family I’ve only heard of.
  • The kids swam and played at the hotel at a decibel level rarely achieved.
  • I put on my black bikini because yo, there was a hot tub. It was scary, but I did it. And I survived.
  • Husband and I flirty giggled all day long and he allowed me to chase him around the hotel room half naked. Uh, the kids weren't in there. In case you were mortified.
  • After the 5th straight day with a tension headache, Bryon gave me a full massage and got rid of the knots in my neck - BEFORE 9AM. Seriously, did this guy freaking fall from the sky or what?! 
  • I painted. Twice. Can't wait to share with you.
  • Shit! Three times; I forgot my toes!
  • I made chicken noodle vegetable soup for Tomato Soup. I am so confused at this point... The kids LOVE this soup (feels so weird to say) and now, so does he!
  • We spent Sunday with IT Jesus and family. Good times, yo. Good times. They have a kiddo swing in the middle of their living room! So, while we were conversing, the kids were literally flying through the air, suspended from 12' ceilings. Awesomeness.
  • Mindy is moving again because she is crazy. Also because she is adventurous and I am proud of her. Wish so much that I could be there to help her pack, or keep her littles, or put a pullup on her head. Buck is the man!
I also need to give a quick and ENORMOUS Thank You to the lovely ladies who are still sewing and sending blankets to the Christian Appalachian Project, on behalf of Mountain Baby Blankets. There will always be a need for blankets in Appalachian Kentucky, and we are grateful that the CAP continues to distribute them for us. While some of the momentum has faded from this project, the love and passion for creating and caring for these less-fortunate children has NOT. THANK YOU for loving on them. If you are interested in making or sending a homemade or gently used blanket, please contact me at rachelkrutsch at yahoo dot com for more information.

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