December 21, 2011


I am not ready for Sunday. I am not ready for Sunday. I am not ready for Sunday.
Hmm... food. I wrote a reminder to myself to make a list today of the food I want to make, which will lead to a list of the food I need to pick up from the store tonight. Hopefully.
Chocolate orange drops, needs butter-flavor Crisco and lowfat cream cheese
Honeybaked ham glaze, which needs ground cloves, ground allspice
bakery sandwich buns
gourmet mustard
generic Bailey's liquor
baby beef smokies
carrots, cauliflower, etc for vegetable plate
ranch dip
aluminum foil
crumb cake mix for Christmas morning
... and that's all that is on my list.
I am also very strongly considering writing up an agenda of what needs to happen between now and then, as well as what I would like to get accomplished over those 11 days I am at home. With four children (oy!).
My brains are swirling.
We were told that we might get a few flakes this afternoon, but warned it wouldn't stick. I am disappointed to tell you that nothing fell from the sky in this place. I MISS THE SNOW. I know now firmly that I do no desire to live anywhere that never has snow. No way, José.
Last night we arrived home to several boxes on the doorstep. Some gifts I'd ordered online and others sent from family back east for the kids. What a timely season for robbers. Seriously. Does this never occur to package handlers? I remember last year when I ordered Bryon's yard games, that Amazon shipped one of them without an outer box. Slapped the label right on the front of the beanbag set. Boy howdy, I was pissed. I beat him home by 5 minutes and wrangled it into the garage before he could see it. Yipes!
I finally fixed my blog banner. I'm not sure what happened that caused the poor image quality, but I've remedied.
Now, to head home and wrap presents!

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