January 31, 2011

Wedding Burp

(Sorry, that was a little crass.)

Here are some overall pics from my inspiration board (you have seen all of these before):

As I mentioned, another of the things I checked off my list this weekend was deciding on reception clothing for the kids. They are not coming to the wedding itself. They have been thoroughly involved in the process, but we decided to do it outside very early on. Something about that feels so very right for us and, well... it's going to be -30 tomorrow without the wind chill factor. Not kidding. No I do not think it will be that cold on our wedding day, but it doesn't make sense for the kids to stand outside for an hour. And only 3 people (6 if you include the pastor, the videographer, and the photographer) will be there with us... so, very intimate. Quiet.

Certainly the kids are going to be stealing the show at the reception. Their duds had to be classic, but fun. Preppy and funky at the same time. They all had to match the modern vintage feel of our wedding, the juxtaposition between the taffeta gown and the denim.

We (very excitedly) decided on the outfits below (L to R) for Hayley, Mabel (minus the hat and plus a white button down), Trevor, and Andrew.

On their feet? Oh yes.


Dear, Batman: Holy Crap...

We did so much this weekend. I mean really, when I look back on it, I become exhausted all over again. And then I giggle again.

First thing Saturday, the kids and I headed to a couple of local craft stores to stock up on faux greenery for our centerpieces. (I plan on mixing this with live greenery at each table, and then adding billy balls to a few centerpieces as well. We'll see what prices I can negotiate.)

I washed half of the vases for our vintage centerpieces that afternoon (and still didn't find a place to store them after they're all new and shiny).

Aren't they swoony? So full of character.

Then on Saturday night, the girls* came over and the boys went out. For that thing we're not mentioning... that "b" thing.

Jess showed up with this.

And we didn't worry about anything else all night.

That includes focusing the camera.

We did document our girls* night. Talked about boys and kids and sex and horses (LOL, that made me giggle again) and took loads of pictures. Pictures that will never see the light of blog, I can promise you that.

And we danced.

Sometime around 2 the boys got back and shared stories from their night. Then everyone went home except for Joe and Jess.

Joe was ready to get serious.

There was a shaved head involved. Don't worry, we are all consenting adults.

Joe meant business. And he wanted to be aerodynamic while he danced while playing the Wii, I reckon. I figure he was certainly jealous of this one, who had me shave his head a couple of weeks ago. Pure hotness.

So anyway, we stayed up and talked and laughed until almost 4am! Seriously too fun!

Sunday was full of tying up loose wedding ends... clothing, gifts, and a video to be specific. More on that later. I went to the grocery store for a marathon trip, too.

All in all, such a very productive weekend. Batman would be proud. Know what I didn't do? Scrapbook.

* = I could not say "girls" without pointing out that sadly, my person was not in attendance. Lulu is in Texas until just before the wedding. Then things are on like Donkey Kong. Anyway, Lulu, I thought of you all night long. I missed you so much my heart hurt. And you would have won the contest we had that night, hands down. I love you!

January 27, 2011

This Weekend

Lookie lookie what I want to do this weekend! I recently downloaded these beauties from Paislee Press.

Now. I realize it is ... a number of days now people, until my wedding. Not single digits or anything, but short enough that I awoke on Saturday last with a mini panic attack at all of the things I haven't done yet. The list is long and mighty - and just because you lot believe in me - believe me, I am behind. I feel so behind!

I really should very much figure out where exactly I am going to keep my centerpieces once they are ready. We are fresh out of space. And if the construction on the basement kicks in - oy! Seriously? Oh! And a coat rack. I need to rent a freaking coatrack. See! So behind.

This being the case it is more likely that I will get swept up in hanging out with my friend on Saturday night (while Bryon goes out with the guys) - and we won't call that what it kind of is because that's still a little freaky and we're in our 30's for pete's sake - and then I'll cram in more planning during the other time.

Anyway. Are you confused yet? I am.

I very much need to find bridal shoes that aren't gargantuanly tall (is that a word? oh, piss it) or open toed... and it is not easy, let me tell you!

So I will likely not scrapbook this weekend is what I'm saying. I need to finish our photo video, find a florist, finalize the food, start washing centerpiece parts (don't ask yet) and do some push ups. Or something. And go to church on Sunday because part of what makes a second marriage work is worshipping together... did you know that? So true.


Or maybe I will pour myself a Bailey's and digital scrapbook instead of doing any of that (except the church because I need Jesus to keep me from going bonkers). But that plan could be dangerous for a variety of reasons.

January 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. This morning while I was dropping Moo at the sitter's house and already 18 minutes late because of a train, she stopped abruptly in the doorway. She demanded a 2nd kiss. And then a 3rd kiss. And then she remembered that she forgot to hug me goodbye (I guess the first three hugs didn't count). And then one more kisser. Yeah, I was late. But she'll never be exactly this old ever again. She also smelled really yummy. Like my Moo Moo. Sigh.

2. Bright coffee cups. Like these.

3. "I Love You Because" books... refreshing Valentine idea.... hmmm... (idea, photo, and example found on Bloesem)

3. More green and white centerpieces from greenweddingshoes.com

3. This freaking, most awesome image from Le Love, via thesweetestoccassion.

5. This lovely little idea from thesweetestoccassion. I need to make time to do this!

6. Small town antique stores. It's been a while, but I scored so much for the reception venue today that I have to note this. If you love vintage, you have to frequent your stores. Go often! Catalog what they have in your mind. I set off today knowing which of my favorite stores would have the hobnail vases and postcards I wanted... and I scored big time!

7. Individual cupcake jars. Oh for the love of cute. Here.

8. Finally - a metal K! Found here.

9. Vintage Jackson china bowls. I just ordered these from TimeValley.

10. Vintage Samsonite. Here.

Tomato Soupiversary!

Today is kind of awesome, I've got to tell you.

Why, you ask? Because one year ago on this very day, I ascended the steps into Bryon's office and slammed a can of tomato soup down on his desk. My movements were so awkward, I think I might have grazed the ceiling on my way to the slamming, in fact. Regardless, Bryon understood that this was my 'green light' and he went on to woo me full force. Or something like that. You can read the first account of that here: Tomato Soup.

Now it is a year later and I'm marrying him very soon.

I commemorated this day by rushing to work this morning, unloading my stuff, and calling Bryon the moment I got in. He was at his desk. So I grabbed some papers and a clipboard with which to busy my hands, and I headed out to his office.

Again I wound my way through the plant and ascended those white, wooden steps. I walked in to his office and said, "Do you know what today is?" I theatrically slammed a can of tomato soup on his desk. "It's our tomato soupiversary!" Big grin. Big, big grin. I think he was surprised and wooed himself.

It was just as fun as exhilarating as it was a year ago, too. Le sigh.


So last night, I made the best dinner ever. Or one of my best. Whatever - it was so good that I can't wait until lunch today! I fully accredit this one to my babysitter (who is always cooking something homemade and fabulous when I arrive to get my kids, and then it's all I can do not to stay and eat up her family's dinner).

I started with 4 lbs of fresh ground beef. Mixed it by hand with 4 eggs, about 3/4 C of skim milk, and an entire package of club crackers. I squirted in about 1/2 C ketchup, 4 tbsp worchestershire, and 3 tbsp steak sauce. I'll warn you now; I did not measure - so do this to taste. Salt and pepper, too.

On the stovetop, I sauteed (using about 2 tsp butter) 1 small onion, diced - with 5 large (fresh) mushrooms, diced - and 1 tbsp chopped garlic, until it began to brown. When it was ready to go into the meat mixture, I splashed it with some red wine - which helped to deglaze the pan and give some serious earthy flavor. Yummers.

I mixed it all up and then formed the mixture into meatballs, about 2.5-3" around. I put 15 of those suckers (that's all that would fit) back into the same cast iron pan. It was still hot, so it seared their little bottoms nice and brown. I turned them over and then poured a can of condensed tomato soup on top. I used a spoon to make sure that some covered each meatball, and I did add about 1/2 C water to the bottom of the pan, just for some added moisture. I baked that in a 350 oven, uncovered for about 25 minutes. Somewhere during the baking I sprinked on some brown sugar as well.

3 of the 4 kids turned up their noses. Until they tasted it. They thought they'd died and gone to ketchup heaven and I felt like a superhero because I'd snuck in some mushrooms (ha - take that!). Now, I can't really tell you how this differs at all from meatloaf, except to a child meatBALL must sound more fun than meatLOAF. Whatever. I threw the remaining uncooked meatballs into the freezer for another day.

Folks, this was seriously so, so good. I wish I'd taken a picture for you, but you're going to have to trust me. We ate this with some boiled potatoes (yes, that simple) with butter and sea salt, and steamed green beans. Oh, and red wine.

Hmmm. I just realized that we had tomato soup with dinner last night - and that once we both eat our lunches today, we will have had tomato soup on our tomato soupiversary as well. Hmpf. Awesome!

January 20, 2011

Friends and Cheeseburgers

B and I love to go out with friends for cheeseburgers sometimes.

This is my friend, Kathie. Kathie is a hair dresser and bubbly and sweet. I just love her.

She's also a hell of a lot of fun when she's had a few cheeseburgers. (Also introducing: cleavage shirt - wahoo!)

Kathie is married to Gil. He and Bryon also love each other. Perhaps too much.

Seriously, I have no idea. Looks like these two have shared a few cheeseburgers as well. They were singing some Motley Crue. Seriously.

Anyway, we love going out with Kath and Gilly because then someone else can hold the camera for a change. And we get friendly gems like this one, too.

And this one.

Awwww... we do kiss a lot.

Did I just hear you barfing?

Emerson Made

Thank you to Sweet Paul (a new blog favorite) for these images (via the Nest) and your post about EmersonMade. I love them so.

To say that I love the style of this home doesn't say nearly enough... and I was going to add this to my Things I Love post for Thursday, but decided that it was so good it needed it's own post. Mostly so I could ramble on about all the details.

Do you notice the exposed beams in the ceiling? SWOON. All of the potted pLants have me wetting mine. LOVE. Vintage maps, white in the kitchen, butcher block with a huge dining table, SWOON, SWOON, SWOON. And please, I cannot even discuss the pantry with the glass canisters. They are my ultimate. If Bryon and I build a house in a couple of years (that's the plan), these images are most definitely going to be seen again.


Fantastic weekend had by all here. On Friday night, we ordered my wedding band. Saturday we got together with some friends for talking (girls) and video games (boys). And yesterday was a fantastic church service that found us worshipping together, hand in hand. LOVE.

I also woke up on Saturday FAR too early and realized that my wedding was 5 weeks away. As in, 35 days. As in, HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EVERYTHING DONE IN 35 DAYS???!!! I ordered the wedding cake while getting my oil changed (that was not a euphamism), found a dozen more vases for the reception, and then I felt better.

How was your weekend? Do you have as many things to do as me?

Things I Love Thursday

1. His promise. :)
For those of you into this sort of thing, my engagement ring is a custom, millgrain Tacori setting with a round diamond and faceted halo. From above, perfectly modern - from the side, perfectly vintage. The perfect juxtaposition. Even I think it's very Rachelish!

2. Vintage hobnail vases. Oh yes, these are my granny Bertha big time. LOVE. This one, from here.

3. Birch vases from NHwoodscreations.

4. Vintage locker baskets, like these.

5. Vintage postcards that tell a story.

6. Stylings from this wedding, especially the cd's given out to guests.

7. Nick Radford's photography.

8. White collections. Like this.

9. Vintage blue Mason jars. Like these.

10. Handmade CD/DVD cases from livebeautiful on Etsy.