January 2, 2012

The Chalkboard Gallery Wall

I painted the wall. Again. Seriously, is anyone the least bit surprised?


Ha. I've been dying to have a chalkboard wall since I bought my house a couple of years ago. I painted the entire kitchen pink instead (that need was greater, yo), but I never let go of the concept. I didn't want one for the kids. Oh no, I can admit that. I wanted it for ME. For my doodles, my lists, my scripture. Whatevah.

Then as we made this house our own, we painted the kitchen and dining area navy grey (seriously the Sherwin Williams paint color is escaping me just now and I'm lying in the bed and too lazy to go look at the can in the garage so sue me... no, just email me if you want it and i'll haul my ass out there to look it up for you). But that one wall wanted something more. It was okay with the 4 canvas photos on it, but it was still forlorn. Missing some hazzah.

And I kept Pinning these.

Seriously. I couldn't stand it. The black was drawing me in more and more. Shit, if I had the guts I'd paint MORE of the room with the paint. It's that addicting. I love the smeary, slatey look.

I used Rustoleum brand chalkboard paint, picked up from Home Depot for around $12 per pint can. That wall took 2 cans, which yielded 3 coats. I used standard black. After painting the wall, you must cure it for 3 days: no writing! Then you condition it by allowing your children to draw and color in the ENTIRE thing with the sides of white chalk. Then, you can erase the entire thing and go with a more 'used' chalkboard look, or if you're anal-retentive like Bryon and I, you can gently wipe it clean with a sponge and water for a cleaner appearance. The idea is that the conditioning rubs a bit of chalk into the entire slate-like surface, promoting erasability.

I'm not going to lie, the dust during the drawing and erasing was totally ridiculous. Bryon couldn't even watch. It got everywhere. That said, I have to tell you that he was fully supportive of this decorating decision. He LOVED it. You know, after the dust was gone. Once it was erased and vacuumed up, his blood pressure normalized again, so we're good.

Two days before the family Christmas celebration, the photos I'd expedited from Scrapbookpictures.com (seriously the BEST quality) arrived, so I hung the gallery frames that we'd chosen for just this very wall. I adore the way the white and pewter balances the rustic slate of the wall.

I think the slate really makes the photos kick ass. The black and white of Mabel on the swing came out of nowhere. I forgot that I took it this past summer and when I saw it on my hard drive, I literally gasped. Her little tongue is sticking out and her knobby knees are even dirty!


To say we love it would be the biggest understatement. 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas" was the first thing I wrote on the wall. Then, my favorite verse from the book of Matthew.

... and a trademark grocery list.

This might be our favorite part of the house now. We are sincerely blessed.


  1. Okay, first of all, I can't stand writing on chalk boards. CAN'T STAND IT. BUT, it rocks on your wall. I admit it, I like the way it looks. Good job.

  2. This is really beautiful- I love chalkboard walls. Still get the heebie jeebies from writing on it at times, but love it. :)