January 30, 2012

Gymnastics 4.0

So the little one in gymnastics is like, the cutest thing EVAH.

When they call the Big Dippers in, she runs in to sit on the lower balance beam. This is when dad and I go upstairs to watch in the parents viewing area.

First, they stretch out. Mabel is the second from the right, in the back. You can see that bahooky from here.

More stretching, now in a circle with friends. Hayley's class is actually the group stretching in splits in the upper left there.

After warming up and practicing tumbling, Mabel tried the monkey bars all by herself for the first time. She did so good!

Then it was time for the flipping bar. She watched as her coach used the rolly-wheel thing (technical term, yes) to guide her classmate over.

She wasn't shy! Up she goes...

and over...

Ta DA!

This was repeated 257 times. Meanwhile, Hayley was practicing her splits jump on the trampoline.

Next, Mabel worked on backwards somersaults. That's her there on the rightmost crayon wedge.

Then, the coach reminded her to keep her form, with her arms raised and her left toe pointed... while they practiced the start of most tumbles.

Beams were last on this day. And she isn't the least bit afraid of them. That's her puny little body on the lower beam. It's only about 8 inches from the floor.

Her on the left...

One on one coaching on turning on the beam. Lovely.

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