January 3, 2012

Industrial Barstools

One by one we have been upgrading and further personalizing our home to combine our tastes. This one was me, I'm not going to lie.

Bryon had two barstools at the island when we moved in, but I found them too high (28") and uncomfortable. The kids knocked them around but they would have swung from anything provided, so that really didn't offer much feedback.

When we replaced the dining room table this fall with one that would seat our entire family, we chose distressed dark wood. I love that table so, so much. It wasn't handmade, but a steal for sure. But having dark wood up against those wooden barstools bothered me in the most girly way.

A couple of years ago I fell in love with an image on Stephmodo's blog of a Tolix-style stool. It was simple, metal, and modern. I didn't have a need for a barstool, but I never forgot that. Then, more of those stools kept popping up all over the interwebs. Lord love a trend, I guess.

Except I haveth not a million dollars. So I began searching Pinterest for alternatives. I did not find. I *did* find it on Apartment Therapy, though. The Lyon industrial stool. It's sold in a set of 2, for right around $100. Sold.

Except Bryon wasn't. He's a wood guy. So I sent him pictures of the metal stools in kitchens all over tarnation and talked up the positives of an upgrade in our kitchen. I mentioned the more appropriate 26" height, the rubber feet to protect the wood floor. I even promised to make little booty cushions for them (eventually). Finally, he caved. Consented. Allowed me the win. However you wanted to look at it, we were getting new stools that weren't wooden or traditional. We needed more modern in our mix anyway. Hollah!

Now, I will admit that I am only 99% satisfied with the grey paint color of these stools. I made husband promise that I could paint them metallic silver if I really couldn't let it go. So far, I'm okay with the industrial grey. And so far, he's okay with our new stools. God love him so.

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  1. May I say how much I LOVE your decorating ideas... Oh someday, when we will have our own house, maybe we will copy them too :)