January 20, 2012

On Night Cuddling

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I love this thing I call night cuddling. It happens after you fall asleep, long after. You wake up tangled in your person.

The other night I was cold. I am married to a Russian werewolf, but he's a werewolf who likes to sleep on the edge of the bed. This means if I want to snuggle into his fur, I have to find him in the dark and while asleep. So on this night, I was shivering. I rolled over onto my belly and scooched a bit more toward the middle of the bed, searching for his heat. I only partly remember this because it was about 3am and I was asleep. Mostly.

Then it happened.

I heard boy snarfling beside me. On my left, it was warmer and warmer. My face was still buried into the pillow as I tried to absorb as much heat from the bed as I could. I wriggled myself face down even more. Then a very large and warm arm reached over my back, somewhere near my waist, and grabbed onto my right hip. And then SWOOP! I was drug about 2 feet to my left in the bed, under the covers. I ended up exactly next to my Russian werewolf and we were touching, from our shoulders down to our toes. 
I stopped shivering. He kissed my left shoulder and nuzzled my neck. He wriggled even closer to my body, if that was even possible, and he kept that right arm over top of me until both of us fell back asleep.

The next day at work, I emailed him to say thanks for warming me up in the night. He thanked me back for the best night's sleep he's had in a long time... well, since the last time we tangled ourselves together in the night. It's never quite comfortable when you do it on purpose, but it is deliciously perfect when you gravitate toward each other in the dark.

From the time we were dating, Bryon has always said he wanted to cuddle into me as the epitome of comfort when falling asleep. We'd be on the phone at bedtime - me in my house and he in his - and when it was time to hang up he would say, "If I were there, I would crawl into you and be asleep in two seconds."  Such a compliment.

Love him. And his Russian werewolf fur.

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