January 26, 2012

Weddennessday (on Thursday. Again.)

There is something about Cheerios, some flavor, some thing that makes them unique. You cannot buy generic Cheerios. I mean, we always get the store brands for the other favorites: Golden Grahams, Cocoa Pebbles, and Fruit Loops. But not Cheerios. Never Cheerios. I think once - I wanted to try it to avoid the $4 box of name brand Cheerios. It was vomitous and completely missing that special unique flavor. So now I purchase only when on sale. On the last grocery visit, we lucked out. 2/$5. Perfect. Mmmmm...
Last Saturday was the girls second gymnastics class. While they are both in the gym at the same time, their classes are not together. The gym is set up so wonderfully for children, with a birds nest for parent viewing. They come in the door, disrobe in the hallway and hang their duds on a hook, and then take their place with their class in the gym. Parents are not allowed into the gymnasium, but are encouraged to stay to view their child's progress. Upstairs is one room with glass on all sides. Bryon and I are able to watch Hayley and Mabel at the same time from up above. Aside from the glare on the glass, this also makes for awesome pictures. Last Saturday I sat two feet away from Bryon's ex-wife, with Bryon right behind me. Her new husband stood behind her. He happily clucked away at me, asking about Mabel. She did not. Oh no. It's the oddest thing. Polite un-speaking. Weird. We are so incredibly different.
I never pack enough for breakfast in the mornings. I try to eat a half a bagel with my coffee on the drive in, but for a variety of reasons, this rarely works out. I also pack fruit and a cheese stick for a morning snack. Recently, I didn't have time to grab the bagel half and my nectarine had a bad spot. I was left with 2 nectarine bites and a cheese stick. Raw almonds in my desk drawer helped a little but I am still hungry! I wish boiled eggs weren't so smelly; I'd love to bring one of those every day - still warm on the inside and covered in salt and pepper. YUM. Honestly, if Husband and I ever get to England this will be the highlight of my trip, having a boiled egg in an egg cup, straight away first thing in the morning.
I HATE cleaning up other people's messes without getting the credit for it. I'm talking about adults who dump a process on you midway through and then run off to something - then come back when you've knocked it out of the ballpark and saved their ass, just in time to receive all of the accolades. It's even better when they forget to thank you for helping in the first place. I see this repeatedly happen in daily life and in the workplace both - and I find it disgusting. It's not of Jesus. ARGH.
Andy's done some hard work to bring his Science grade up from a D to an A. We're very proud of him. Unfortunately for Andy last week, he 'forgot' 2 assignments and a re-do paper and got lower grades on all 3. Building discipline and study technique is MUCH harder than dealing with a child who doesn't understand a subject. Andy tries to half-ass his homework. His chores (we recently found a pan that he'd 'washed' put back in the cupboard with grilled cheese marks ALL over it). Making his bed. I want him to build the discipline to engage in what is important first, each time. This will bear fruit in his high school years, in college, when he's married, and when he's employed. There is a time to be laid back and funny. I love that about him. But there is a WRONG time to be laid back and funny, too.
We had tater tot hot dish last night - one of Bryon's favorites. When I was making it, I finely diced about 1/2 lb mushrooms and added them to the meat mixture while it was still browning. I also added about 1/2 of a yellow onion, finely diced. Mmmm the flavor! And the best news? ALL FOUR kids cleaned their plates (down the hatch, Mr. lean Hamburger, mushrooms, onions, green beans, black beans, and tater tots!) without even one grimace! Dad and I were shocked. And yes, I absolutely DID tell them at the end what they'd eaten. I do that because I think it busts up their ammo the next time I make something containing mushrooms. Oh you don't like them? Remember the one time... ? HA!
Trevor has a band concert coming up next week. Trumpet ala Cox. Can't wait to see his swollen, little, pink lips after! I'm bringing the Bloggie, don't you worry!  [I have to tell you that while I love this little recording device, it cannot be used in low lighting; there is no flash. This severely limits what I can share here on the blog because apparently, most of what I capture is too dark.]
Can we talk haircuts for a moment? Why is it that some people stick a $45, 40-yr old hair cut on a little child? How is this appropriate? Have I lost perspective? Is this cute and I'm just not seeing it? Let's discuss.

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  1. hi rachel~

    my comment has nothing to do with your post~~ but... for the years that i've been reading your blog i've always thought that sweet mabel looked just like someone ~ but i could never place exactly who she looked like. until just this very moment. i just saw a commercial on AMC advertising the 30th anniversary of the movie ET (can't believe it's been 30 years~) rewind 30 years ago, and your adorable little mable looks just like the little sister in the movie,
    Gertie ~ played by??? Drew Barrymore! Mystery Solved!