January 5, 2012


While on Christmas break, Trevor wanted to watch the last movie in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I brought it home for him and he spent the next almost four hours in this position. He was in love.
I should mention that, despite the fact that Shoes did not visit for Christmas, my 3 had a fantastic time over the holiday. They really, really did. We made it count, we celebrated together as 6 peeps, did fun and new things, and they got to stay up late late several times (and I guess that's really what it is mostly about), and really wallered in family time.
I'm thinking of a different way to print my blog. I tried out Blurb and I loved using it... until the software hocked a loogie somewhere and mysteriously lost all 265 pages I had completed. Some glich (that their technical support is aware of but cannot fix) prevents the saved file from ever being opened again. That 265 pages was only one year's worth [plus a solid week of my time, but who's counting], so I suppose I'm glad it took a shit then instead of after multiple years. Jeez. I nearly cried, Peeps. Seriously. I cannot allow that to happen ever again. So... I'm on the hunt for publishing tools. Thing is, I only want to print one copy. This isn't for anyone else to read - just as a large scrapbook basically, so I'm going to have to find a place that will bind only one book, and for less than a gagillion dollars.
Recently my Mindy reminded me to be a better mother. She didn't try to. She didn't scold me. What she did was share with me an area of prayer that really shined a light on one of my darker spots: yelling. I'm a yeller. Big time. And I get negative around my husband and kids, too. I forget that they are children and not small adults; my expectations for their greatness get in the way of my patience and mercy for them. I forget that they all look to me (to ME) to set the "tone" for the house. If I am grouchy and spread that to them, how dare I be surprised if they are grouchy and insubordiate back! DUH. I am called to minister to my children and be the light for everyone; that applies at home as well. The other day I made mashed potatoes (by Husband request). I pulled Mabel into the kitchen to help me instead of seeing her as underfoot while I was in a rush to get dinner on the table. I sat her safely on the counter and she washed potatoes. Then she counted potatoes. It did take me a few extra minutes, and she learned something about potatoes, but really that moment felt RIGHT. God was in that moment; it was His. He helped me to slow down and rock my baby, so to speak. All of this is the same principle. God is speaking to me on this because it keeps coming back up. My very best uterus friend stuck this same topic right under my nose!  I mean, I'm forever asking him to make me a better mother, to love my children the way HE loves them. Perhaps I need to shut up the yelling and let him answer me!
The other night, Hayley came home from gymnastics and taught Mabel everything she learned. Tuck jump, right, left, and center split jumps, the headstand, and the wall walk. Mabel even made a more-than-decent attempt at a cartwheel. We're going to take her on Saturday to a sort of "tumble session" to see how she likes it. We are expecting crazy bouncing from the baby, who is clearly becoming the unbaby. Hmm....
I am very disturbed by our lack of snow. We had about 1/2" in December, which stayed on the ground for about 4 hours. Then, on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, we had another dusting, which stayed for about 45 minutes. During that most recent dusting, I came outside of Blockbuster and stood on the sidewalk (while Bryon continued to the car before realizing I was stuck and hollered at me), with my eyes closed and my mouth open, trying to catch anything that could hit me in the face. The few flakes that landed on my skin were like pure, white, magic. My heart fluttered - literally fluttered. I remembered the Narnia of our wedding in that exact second. I remembered exactly why I love the snow so much. And that is why I was very sad when it was gone again 45 minutes later. Today? Today it is SIXTY FIVE DEGREES outside. This is not right, People. This is not Alabama or Virginia, or Texas. This is Da Plains. We expect a right dumping every winter and dang it, I want it! It's the middle of January. I don't think it's too much to ask. Just sayin'.
Oldest son is getting some acne. He's not sure how he feels about it. He seems equally impressed with his maturity and embarrassed by the miniature volcanos erupting on his face. Well, like 3. My little boy is definitely growing up.
Mabel is the best riser we have in the house. I qualify her as such because she gets up when we ask her to (unlike two little boys) and also doesn't wake up at the ass crack of dawn for no reason (that would be Hayley), either. She wakes with a smile and a chirp and with her hair all caddywompus. She bobbles herself up the steps and finds me to say, "Good morning, Mama!" Every morning. Every morning. It's very sweet. And her greeting is pronounced "goot MOE-neen" every morning. In case you were wanting to sound like a four year old.
My 11 day vacation with children was WONDERFUL. I did a mix of creative stuff, cleaning, and nothing at all whatsoever. Oh, there was some shopping and returning, and shopping and returning, too (Christmas, you know). I cooked with the girls several times, and sat on my butt several times. And the best part was that my darling husband was able to steal a few days off in there as well, so it was really a tremendously nice holiday. Praise the Lord for all of that!
I ate the last Tootsie Roll midget today. I am now forlorn.
I am in search of a faux-fur cowl. Anyone know of one? Like this (image Pinned):
The husband has an army. Have I mentioned? Yes, his entire crew (gosh, dozens and dozens of very hard-working, manly men) is an absolute army at this place. Three departments of hard workers. I love them all; I really do. They came to our wedding, they watched us (and laughed) fall in love before even our first date, and they continue to help me at every opportunity. It might be because I'm married to their boss. It might be because I get grouchy when things aren't being done correctly and I have to force a process. But I think it's because they have adopted me as someone they care about as well. Or maybe it might be that I am dillusional. Really, I am so grateful for them. Nobody at this plant works harder than his 3 departments. Nobody.
I am also searching for more Pyrex. I use it all the time. Might as well stock up, yo!
Bryon met his men's group for coffee this morning. I love that he continues to do that. I love that he gets so much out of it. I love that he works with two of the men (IT Jesus and minister Plowman) every day and they manage (quite well) to maintain stellar tight-knit relationships AND accountability between one another. I love that this men's Bible study gets such top billing in his heart. He's attended since just a couple of months after we started dating. It was most definitely part of God's plan for us.
The Things I Love Thursday post will be delayed a bit this week. I'm sorry; I'm not trying to be sloppy with my feature posts, Folks. Just swamped with life this week. I'd rather blather on with words with meaning, than give any sort of nod toward materialism. I know that I post the Things I Love as a collection of interests, but when something has to go, it's always the first.

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  1. My dad always said acne is God's form of birth control. It never helped my self esteem, that saying, but now that I am a mom and grandmother, I love the idea.

    As for Pyrex, there is a local group that handles estate sales here. They put me on their mailing list for all upcoming sales. I bet you have a group or two like that where you are. Tell them what you are looking for and they will be your eyeballs.