February 21, 2012

And Heaven Is Plus One

The angels were partying it up this past weekend.

We had a whirlwind weekend, wherein we drove hundreds of miles to another state for work purposes but got to bring the kids for crazy purposes, and ended up having the best sleeps of our lives.

Hayley was not able to join us, unfortunately.

But we did pick her up prior to church on Sunday. As we sat through the sermon, Bryon sat between her and I. He took turns rubbing Hayley's shoulder and my right leg. After the sermon on Ephesians (oh how I love Paul's letter to Ephesus), we stood for a last song and prayer. Pastor Lance asked everyone to bow their head and close their eyes as he held an altar call.

I realize that some Christian groups don't hold altar calls during service or call people "saved" when they've asked God into their lives. That's okay. But I ADORE when they do. That's what I'm talking about; it's sweet love and juicy music to my soul. There is nothing more amazing than watching someone (or BEING the someone - that might be the one thing more amazing) fall to their knees when they realize Christ is King.

He died for them

He conquered the world.

He will conquer again with ONE WORD.

He knows every pain in life. Every hurt. Every loss. Every responsibility. Every surprise.

He makes no mistakes.

All of this to say, it was Sunday altar call. The music played softly in the background in the dimly lit room. I was replaying all that God's done for me recently as well as everything I'm worried about. I was praying for my husband, which has been my focus for some time (he's got some irons in the fire, so to speak). I snuck a peak just as Pastor Lance asked if anyone would like to proclaim that God is their savior. Did anyone want to lift their hand and shout that Jesus died to save them from their sins? I saw a tiny, little hand lift into the air.

It was my middle girl, in her sparkly and twirly shirt. Bryon's eyes were tightly closed and I soaked it in for a moment. She was asking Jesus into her heart.

She's been so close for a while now. Asking questions about how one gets to Heaven. Asking about Hell. Asking why God sent Jesus to die for our sins.

The other night on the way home, she started crying in the back of the truck and asked Bryon to pull over and pray with her right at that very moment. The Holy Spirit has been poking at her something fierce. She listened. My girl listened!

So after the prayer was done and she tucked her hand back down at her side, I elbowed my husband. I told him that his daughter has just been saved, and invited him to please lead us up front to take communion all together. It was beautimus! We were so, so proud of her.

All of the angels threw a party for Hayley on Sunday afternoon. 

She's no longer protected by the cloak of our sanctification. SHE HAS HER OWN. Glory to God!

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