February 22, 2012

Ash Weddennessday

This morning, Mabel and I drove into work. Over the river and through the woods. Well, more like over the plains and through the fields, and next to that glorious sunrise that we see every morning. We were listening to Kristy Nockels "Waiting Here For You" on KLOVE when I looked into the backseat. She looked so adorable I could barely breathe.

Also this morning when I went into Mabel's room to wake her up, I noticed the little lump in the bed, next to the Possibly Pink walls. The little lump in the bed wasn't facing the proper direction. In fact, I could not find her feet. I pawed at the quilt for a moment in the dim light, moving her embroidered horses south a bit. I saw crazy hair. She was sleeping sideways in the bed, with her My Little Pony pillow up against the pink wall, and her feet (and knees) dangling off of the other side. If I hadn't been running late, I would have eaten her cuteness for breakfast.

Last week sometime, Husband randomly appeared at the small town grocery store that I often stop at on the way home, just to pick up the baby. So I could have that mysterious and elusive thing called Peace And Quiet. I was so moved.

Also last week, he called me at the end of the day from his maintenance shop. I could hear the airguns and other such hard work being done in the background. When I answered he shouted, "Hello, my love!" There was silence on his end as all the guys in the shop turned to look at him. Then he shouted at them, "Yes I did just say that!" Love him so.

We took the kids with us to Bismarck this past weekend. It was a longish drive - not terrible, but still long - and we entertained ourselves with some singing and reading and Squinkies along the way. More to come on that if I can get the damn videos to upload. You want this to happen, believe me. HIlarious.

Today is Ash Wednesday. While we do not observe Lenten practices in our house, we do prepare to celebrate the most important day on the Christian calendar. Forty days from today.

Our anniversary is in four days. It was this time last year that Mindy and her crew were hopping in their van to make the very long drive up from Texas because well, she's my Person. It was this time last year that we were finalizing plans for our very ethereal OUTDOOR winter wedding. If you're a new reader and didn't catch all of that awesomeness, you can catch up here. We have plans for a private getaway (which was like boiling the ocean to do), just the two of us. Can't wait.

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