February 14, 2012

Drew Gets Vintage Snoopy Curtains

Have I ever told you good people that I had Snoopy sheets as a child? I did. Snoopy and Dukes of Hazzard. Well, and Strawberry Shortcake, but those are girlie and not related to this post. What was I saying?

Oh yes.

The other day I was having a terribly bad day, so I decided to listen to the little voice inside of me that wanted to smell the Old Lady Smell. The little voice prompted me to stop at two of my favorite thrift stores on the way home that day. And on that day, it was the perfect day to stop.

When I saw Snoopy hanging there, smelling like Old Lady Smell and all, I got a little excited. There were 4, 84" panels for $29.99.  Now, I don't typically spend anything near that much on vintage anything. But these vintage Sears & Roebuck drapes were in fantastic condition and there were four of them. And the entire store was 25% off on that day, as it happened. All four of the panels were lined with white, though two of the liners weren't in the best condition. Still, $20 for a pair of vintage Snoopy sheets? Right. That's what I said. So they came home with me.

All the way home I thought of where the curtains would suit best. There was really only one room that is Snooped enough for the Snoop himself. The room of one boy rockstar: ANDREW.

Andrew's room looked like this before:

Kind of dreary. I didn't mean for it to be dreary. The navy blue panels weren't doing any favors in there, though. They are plenty fine, I reckon, but not a good fit for my scrambled egg, Andrew. He needed color.

Before I could hang them up in their new home, I had to check the length of the panels. 84" is pretty long after all. They were touching the floor a bit. I decided to add a seam in the main rod pocket that would raise the hem up around 2".

Before I started sewing anything, I evaluated the rest of the curtain panels. The stitching was all in white. Good thing because there was white in my machine already and changing it out would require another trip down the hallway and way too much motivation. The stitching was also in WONDERFUL shape. I mean, I couldn't believe it; not one ripped seam.

Hello, Sally. I adore the trademark, written directly on the fabric next to the cartoon. That's old school right there, Peeps.

Please pardon my very dusty walking foot (which I never take off but should have cleaned) and notice instead that I am lining up the edge of the top rod pocket with the rightmost edge of the silver plate there. Instant guide - voila, no pinning. I'm too lazy for pinning 99% of the time.

I just ran a straight stitch all the way across two of the panels. Uh... pay no mind to the chipping blue manicure, please.

Once finished, the panels were just above the carpet. Perfect.

I know collector adults who would sell their eye teeth for these Peanuts curtains. And they are so colorful in there.

Just perfect for my little egg.

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  1. :) Perfect. Would be a huge hit in this house too.