February 7, 2012

Lifelight: Behind The Scenes

As it turns out, Tenth Avenue North (quite possibly my MOST favorite Christian band) put together a phenomenal video about what it means to them to tour. They filmed it at this fall's LifeLight festival here in Da Plains. We were there when they headlined. Actually, I'm certain if you freeze-frame this video at a closeup of the lower left audience (front row center thanks), you will find me, AndyRoo, and Toni. We are in the sea of hands, probably sobbing.

If you've ever wondered what it was like to attend a Christian concert or music festival - it's really not what you think. Pleae check this out.

And... I dare you not to fall in love with their music or Mike's 'sermon' in the process.

God bless you, Friends. Thank you for letting me speak about our Father God in this place.

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