February 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursday (Friday)

1. Yes. Oh HELL YES. You don't get pulled through the knothole of life without some scars. This is a big one of mine. It's both a blessing and a curse. I am absolutely, positively, completely unable to tolerate bullshit. And I call it out immediately. I am, however, working on the delivery of my response, because not all bullshit is intentional.
2. Gorgeous resin rings from etsy. One of these will be mine. Once I stop fretting about which one to get. Which one will match my pink hair. Wait... what?
3. Asian food. I go back and forth between craving Chinese and Japanese. Thankfully, husband is game! Wanchai Ferry frozen is our absolute favorite grocery Chinese - really quite good! Last night we had the orange chicken meal for 2. I made extra long grain white rice to go alongside, and we added fresh portabellas and edamame to the meal. It was just. right. YUM.
4. Cute paint-dipped wooden utensils. Yes, please.
5. Darling homemade edible paint!  It's just 2 tbsp powdered sugar, 1 tsp water, and 2 drops of food coloring.
6. Casey Wiegand's outfit of a long white tank and faux fur vest. Who knew?
7. This week I'm loving on my cute husband, who came rushing into the bedroom this past weekend and said, "Honey, um... can we watch some Harry Potter 7 tonight? I'm in the mood for some Harreh," all British-style at the end. I swooned, I cannot lie.
8.  The Sony Bloggie... my new favorite toy. Touchscreen camcorder with HDMI and 12MP still images. Small enough to fit into my pocket, though it never stays there because I find myself recording everything. Bryon and the boys came up with this gift for my birthday and I have to say, this was IT. Check it out if, like me, you realize that your oldest child is almost 11 and you have less than 60 minutes of him on video. Sad. Fix it!    

9. I miss Mindy and sitting in Old Spaghetti Factory in Louisville, Kentucky circa May 2001, when we both said the word "uterus" repeatedly during our meal. And loudly, I might add. How dilated were you? Oh yes, my placenta was like that, too. Only one way in the world two weirdos like us would find each other: JESUS.

10. I'm convinced I can find an(other - yes I had one and donated it when we moved - GAH) adorable metal cart in a vintage store, which I can then paint and use as a plant stand in the house. Wheels would be ideal for watering. The cat has become ridiculous with her cravings for fresh houseplants. I wouldn't mind getting her some cat grass, but in the meantime, she needs to lay off the plants! The horitculturalist husband is going to duct tape her up if she doesn't quit.

11. Hanging plants. I'm working hard on the Husband for this one. He's not anti-hanging plant, but he's hesitant. Lord know it would help with that nasty cat thing.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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