February 1, 2012


Dried Fruit Loops really do tear up the roof of your mouth. I don't eat them often, but even Mabel has resorted to adding milk to her bowls of these (and she is the queen of dry cereal consumption. Weirdo.)

At my desk, I have a picture of John the Baptist. Mabel made the picture (it's more of a sign on a stick, really) at Sunday School a couple of weeks ago. John was purple that day. My favorite part of the Christmas story is where John leapt in his mother's womb upon hearing the news that Jesus would be born soon.

I took banana yogurt to work the other morning. Then I added 1 tsp flax seed when I got there (why yes I DO keep flax seed in my desk). Yummo!

I've been sporting the same uniform for the past few weeks on most days: skinnies or tights (usually with thermal underwear beneath), knee socks, and boots. Then this week I wore my Chucks out and about on Saturday. My leg bones were SO COLD! I suppose your body becomes accustomed to being warm and cozy and objects when it's not. Best investment ever? Target brand Ugg knock-off boots, hands down.

Speaking of being cold, there is a lady in my office space who is in a different stage of life than I am. She is a very nice lady, but she complains about being hot when it is 10 degrees outside. In fact, it was -7 the other morning, with 40 mph winds and still she cried, "It's hot in here!" I call her Hot Flash Betty. The rest of us are not cold, Betty. The two dudes that sit nearby wear their coats. DUDES wearing coats = not hot. Sometimes I would like to high five her in the face with a chair.

Last night I was hungry for Japanese but we're trying to save money and eat out less. So I made it at home instead... sort of. I didn't make any rolls at all, I just combined a few things to achieve the overall flavor. It worked beautifully!  I did buy some udon soup from the grocery in the Asian aisle. I added steamed portabellas from my fridge to the soup to make it heartier. Then I steamed up some edamame (Target frozen food section is the only place I can find this). White rice and diced avocado finished me off, with a splash of soy sauce. I was in H.E.A.V.E.N!

I've been thinking about Mountain Baby Blankets lately. It's not that I've let the ministry go, but the support has changed. Emails continue from plenty of ladies who still sew and send their blankets to the CAP to distribute for us, and there will always be a need for warm blankets in Appalachia. However, it's lessened quite a bit from where it was just a few years ago. We sent more than 1,000 blankets and for that, I praise Jesus. I thank all of you. I stopped blogging about it regularly because I began to feel as though I was becoming annoying with my mentioning. I hope not; I'm sure the love in my heart for the ministry overshined any of that... but I wondered. Who wants to be annoying? Especially when you already are on a regular basis (moi). Maybe one day I'll kick this around again. Maybe I'll think of another way to give instead. In the meantime, for all of you who sewed or might again, THANK YOU. And also, the CAP will always distribute for us, if you are so moved.

The husband asked what I thought about painting two more walls with chalkboard paint this week. Um... maybe. The reason is beyond cool. My husband is THE COOLEST. He wants to add scripture around more areas of our home - in my handwriting - never to be erased. High up toward the vaulted ceilings, as a welcome to anyone who enters our home. "... But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."  Joshua 24:15  Boy howdy!

One year ago on this day, I blogged about washing up my vintage tablewear for wedding centerpieces, and partying it up with my girlyfriends. Can't believe our anniversary is almost here!

I got the email this week from Tom's, telling me that their ballet flats will debut on February 1. I am torn, Peeps. I want to love Tom's because I love what they're doing across the world. But I picked up a pair (several actually) of their classic shoes recently and... I did NOT love them. They are paper thin and provide very little support. The support thing I can live with (I do own Chucks after all), but the thin-ness of the material leaves me skeptical about that expense. I don't want to spend $40 for a pair of shoes and then have them ruined in a few weeks. I started looking up reviews and a LOT of people state that they fall apart within a month of regular wear. That makes me sad. So I worry about these new ballet flats. I think it's great they've expanded their selection now and still do the One for One campaign, but I can't put the trigger on these darling shoes until I touch them myself. If they are thin like the classics, I will have to pass.

So the other day when I was browsing Casey Wiegand's blog (as I am prone to do for hours at a time), I fell in love with an outfit she had on her person. Long, lean white tank with a faux fur vest. A fur vest! I mean, wow. So I commented on her blog post and inquired of it's origin. Sometimes I feel stalkery when doing that, but in Casey's case it was worse because I spend a LOT of time on her blog, yo. I love her art ministry for children, her love for the Lord, and how she is touching the world by way of her family. How do you say 'you're my favorite' without making someone feel weird, right? So, I mumbled through a true compliment and asked about the clothing. Done. Cut to this morning when I rolled over in the bed to check my email while Bryon was showering. I had a new blog comment. FROM CASEY WIEGAND. Say what now? She couldn't find my email by way of comment, so she linked to my blog and then you know, read the entry, and commented! SWOON!  I seriously almost peed my pants from excitement. [This happened to me once when Tara Whitney had emailed me as well. And when I checked Aerosmith into the hotel I used to work at in Virginia Beach, but that's another story.]  I promptly switched over to Facebook on my smart phone and posted on Casey's wall to thank her (yes I'm a follower of her page, duh) *stalker*  for sharing the info on her duds, and also to make sure she knew I wasn't a stalker. *Stalker*  Ahem. She has a heart for Jesus; of course I'm inspired by heart. I can't help it!!!

I just placed an exciting order on Amazon. Two little boy bibles and books 1-3 in the Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I read most of book 1 when we lived with Mindy and I very much want to read it through before seeing the movie (Katheryn Heigl plays Stephanie - love it). It's been a while since I've read fiction - probably since Harry Potter. Maybe some vamp books. I'm behind on those, too. Lord love Amazon and a $5 paperback!

I was texting with my friend Nikki on Monday night, trying to make plans for our next get-together. Nikki is my rotten twin. I adore her. And her husband works for my husband. They's good peeps and all. My point is that we both watch The Bachelor because its like bottled drama that is proof positive that your own life is pretty damn fantastic. I mean, in comparison to the crazy on that show. And there is crazy this season, my friends, in the way of model Courtney. This past Monday (SPOILER ALERT) she dropped trou and lured him into the ocean with her. It's my firm belief that they did the nasty because he was ALL kinds of guilty about it (Dude might have a conscience after all). Anyway, I texted this to Nikki, who responded in her usual way. "That girl is a h00ker!" I responded in agreement, except my phone did not recognize the word 'h00ker' and auto-corrected it. My reply said, "She's more than a boomer!"  We laughed for hours over that.

Moo and I went on a Target trip this week. I like to go with my girls to Target. It's what we girls do. We look at pretty nail polish and hair things, and think about meal planning, too. We take our time and walk through shoes and handbags, and window shop. Daddies aren't the best at window-shopping, so we do this on our own. On this particular trip I had something on my list for the girls: tutus. They have them out now for Spring and well, we all know that Miss Moo Moo prefers a tutu skirt to anything on this planet. Hayley loves them as well, but doesn't have any at our house. Hayley has a HUMONGOUS love for all things D O R K A L I C I O U S ... so I decided it was time she have something funky in her wardrobe. She can rock it out however she wants. I just want to provide her with the vessel, if you will. So, Mabel and I picked out a purple and silver tutu for Hayley. She's going to squeal when she sees it!

And Dear B: Thank you for honey nut creamed cheese. I never knew what I was missing until you!

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