February 8, 2012


This has been a bad week. Stressful for both B and I. We are clingly tightly to God and asking for strength, peace, and perspective. We are great - life is just swirling around us.
I stayed home two days this week because my stomach was out of this world upset (I've lived with IBS for about 20 years now) due to that aforementioned stress. Blech. While at home, a couple of swell things happened. First, Mabel is delicious. I got to snack on her for two days because she stayed home to take care of me. She sang The Golden Girls theme song to me, brought me cherry ju ju jearts, and read me stories. I love it when she reads me stories because she is very animated (why yes, she does get that from moi) and very detailed in each story. I mean, a 5 page book could take 20 minutes. Also, we ate a lot of rice and looked up homeopathic remedies to stress. All of which point to one thing: Jesus. He will solve this in His own time and, Friends, there is rest in that.
Before I became ill this week, I went on a thrifting adventure and I sewed! More on that in an upcoming post. It was very exciting!
Hayley did a backbend this week at gymnastics without a spotter, and landed perfectly. Then she did it about 213 more times.
Also while home sick I got sucked into watching Dance Moms on TLC. HOLY COW! Those ladies are mean!
We are hovering around 40 degrees out here in Da Plains. I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I miss the winter. The real, actual winter. I am not kidding when I say that I am praying for snow at the end of the month for our anniversary. My soul needs it. I may go sit outside and let it fall on my face for a while, should I be blessed with some flakes.

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