February 29, 2012

Wintery Weddennessday

1" of ice on the ground, snow on top, and 40mph winds. Yep, sounds like almost March.

I know it's not my usual format for Weddennessday's thought bursts and all, but I thought of two little stories to share with you today instead. Is that okay with you?

A couple of weeks ago I watched an episode of Say Yes To The Dress while husband fell asleep beside me. I don't watch that much anymore because the time has passed for my wedding dress shopping, yo. But watching it that night - with our first anniversary quicly approaching - brought back a flood of white, glittery memories.

I remember the night I bought my dress. I mailed our invitations on my way to the bridal store; Mindy was on the phone with me when I shoved the stack through the narrow blue mouth of the mailbox. It was wet outside, snow melting but quite cold. I met up with a friend to have a drink before walking next door to the store, just to girl it up and calm my excitement.

I remember trying on my dress. It wasn't the first one I tried on, but it was the last. Once I was sure, I walked up and paid outright for the dress like grown up. No payment plans, no credit card, just saved up and bought me a wedding gown. It sunk in at that moment at the cash register that I was really going to marry this man.

Watching the episode, I teared up. I am the luckiest.

It was a Sunday. I can't remember what nudged me that morning - I think it was looking around my kitchen after a week's worth of halfassed chores (by all of us) and noting the mess. The bits of coffee grounds rubbed into the crack beside the coffee pot. The soapy waterspots on the navy grey wall behind the sink. The microwave, with a few splatters. Cat hair EVERYwhere. The closets were chock full of clothes that didn't fit, had holes, or were hung up backwards/on the wrong rack/on the floor. On this day, I declared, we would do church a different way!

We opened the curtains and let in the sunlight; it washed through the dust and flying cat fluff.

A quick trip downstairs brought up the Bose and my iPod cranked out the longest playlist that I have: Christian Music. Bryon didn't hesitate. He knows that I need to be fed by the Word as often as possible and on that day, with my knickers in a knot and not enough time in the day, I needed church by way of Jesus music. All day long.

So we listened and cleaned. I sang every word, standing on the cabinets and stretching to clean the fans.

Also that afternoon I hemmed Hayley's jeans. I was so wrapped up in Phil Wickham that I didn't pay attention and made my top seam too high on the first pair, so I had to rip them out. I was feeling a time crunch with the pile of jeans very tall and my tummy very rumbly and wanting to cook, cook, cook up some Jesus on that day as well. So without thinking, I shoved the pair of wrongly hemmed jeans at Bryon and said, "Here, start ripping the seam out like this." I picked a few to show him how to use the seam-ripper. He didn't flinch. He sat down in the chair beside me and picked and pulled those seams out (and if I'm being honest, it might have taken him a bit longer than it would have a seasoned seamstress, but that was just as well because I fell in love with him beside me on that day) while I hemmed a few more pairs. In between picking he rubbed my leg.

When he was finished helping, he got up to iron and read Revelations to the kids. It came about because we were listening to Phillips, Craig, and Dean and all the kids know the words, but he wanted to make sure they KNEW the Word. So, he hauled out the black Bible and read to them, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come..." They listened, enthralled. I teared up watching him lead them. GOD GUYS ARE THE COOLEST.

We went to church that day, oh yes. It was a wonderful Jesus-filled day of congregation within our family. I found God on the top of my refrigerator, the back of Mabel's closet, taking out a mistaken hem, and standing in my kitchen. What a glorious day.

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