March 5, 2012

Bedtime Routine

The boys have a bedtime routine in our house. It's nothing like the girls (tuck in, kisses, prayer, dream suggestions, and a song). It is, however, a requirement so that they sleep properly. The will wake in the night, get up, need 15 drinks of water, etc. if this routine doesn't take place.
The routine goes like this:
1    Good night boys, love you.
2    Mom hugs the boys and aims their bodies off into their bedrooms
3    Boys ricochet off ivisible bedroom barriers and land on Bryon
4    Mom jumps out of the way and plugs her ears
5    Shouting
6    Laughing
7    Someone punches someone
8    Andy starts crying, which morphs into VERY LOUD laughing
9    Trevor hurts himself instead of his opponent
10  Someone takes a hit in the balls
11  Mom checks to make sure that someone wasn't dad, but quickly hides once she finds out he is safe (for now)
12  A preteen body flies through the air and tumbles down the hallway with dad legs wrapped around
13  Laughing
14  Screaming
15  Mom starts shouting, "Go to bed! Go to bed! Enough wrestling!"
16  Kids try to listen
17  Dad comes back for more, dragging their little half-limp bodies back onto the carpet
18 Repeat steps 5-16 fourteen times
19  Dad almost takes a sideways crack in a delicate spot and declares it officially bedtime
20  2 boys stand up, sticky with sweat and mostly giggling, snot all smeared everyplace and come back to Mom for hugging.
21  Good night, Boys. Love you.
22  1 man stands up, sticky with sweat and the smile of victory (most nights) and comes back to Mom for snuggling.

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