March 20, 2012

Grandma's Gift

Shortly after I met Bryon, we each began sharing things about our families. I treasured the stories he shared about his mother's mother, Grandma Darleen. At almost ninety, she'd battled and won two cancer battles. She'd lost her husband and then remarried. She raised 3 children. She was an artist and a lover of God (though she was quiet on that last one there until it was time to go Home).

Grandma was a scrapbooker, far before it was trendy. She considered it art and loved embellishing her photos with stories of what was going on at the time. She made birthday cards for everyone, and ornaments for all of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren every Christmas.

One year, she gave Bryon a picture book full of memories of both of his parents. It's something that we'll cherish even more now that she's gone. Her handwriting is so powerful, the tilt and penmanship is so classy.
One of my favorites is Bryon (little chap sitting all the way at the end of the table there, in the red shirt) sitting with Grandma's ceramics class, painting with her.

And one of his favorites, some photos of his late Uncle John (on the left, his father's brother, whom Bryon looks most like) and of his father with John after a fishing trip.

THIS is why I blog. This is why mommies scrapbook and sew and make things out of love. The stories last forever and comfort hearts once loved ones are gone. What a story they tell. Amazing.

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