March 22, 2012

Stripey Buns

Yesterday morning, I woke up late. So late that if I didn't remove something from my morning routine, I would certainly be late to work as well. Nothankyouverymuch. So I showered and didn't wash my hair (blowing it out straight takes almost 20 minutes because I do it the hard way and do not flat iron on day 1). Instead, I decided to take a crack at a fluffy, puffy, messy bun. I ponied and teased and then wound chunks of my hair in BOTH directions, bobby-pinning each chunk. Voila. Many compliments as it turns out! Love it when that happens.
Also yesterday morning, I used some of that saved time to pony up the little one. She was feeling very stripey as you can see. This is the pose I get when I tell her to smile. Mmm-hmmm. 
This morning it's irish soda bread for breakfast. Not because it's my favorite, but because the way I came to have it IS. On St. Patrick's day my very Irish mother-in-law stopped by the house to say hello, visit with the kiddos, check on her son, and well... we all know that she came to see moi. Bryon will tell you that she loves all of us... but the truth is, she and I are sort of besties. I had a bad day last week and called her to vent. Her ears are lovely. Plus she lets me cook for her and loves that I'm crafty like her mother, the late and great Grandma Darleen was. Do you know how amazing it feels to be LOVED by your mother-in-law? I wish that for all of you. She was quite an unexpected surprise. In any case, my husband rolls his eyes when his mommy walks in the door. Then he smiles, smacks my butt, and says, "my mom is here to see you."  GRIN.
They talked about the local weather on the radio this morning, commenting on how strange it has been this winter for Da Plains. We were FAR below of typical snow total of 36" and the average temp for this January was 34 degrees. Last January, the average temp was 1 degree. Uh huh. Yep. We've had 50+ days over 50 degrees this winter as well. Last year, only a handful. The farmers are predicting (because that's what farmers do) that we will have a scorching summer. They're concerned about rain, but shouldn't be today because it's falling fast and furious from the sky this week. As long as the ground gets wet enough this spring, the crops will do great this year. Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Ha.
Some new cookware has come to live at our house. Yes, yes, I kept all of my Le Creuset pieces (and use them often), but the rest of our cookware was part of his ex-wife whatever. It was old and crappy and I thought of her when I used it. Meh. Husband and I love watching Food Network together and over the past few months have been checking out the pots and pans. Once we looked past Giada's b00bs, we found her cookware most loverly. Consumer reports gives her tri-ply cookware high ratings. We've been watching the set at Target, waiting for it to go on sale. When it did recently, we snapped it up. I went home and hugged the pots. I kissed then pans. Then I cooked a bunch of stuff and tried to make it stick. It didn't. I am absolutely, most certainly in looooove.
This morning, Husband got a phone call at work at 4am. Been up since. Let me tell you, I'll be passing out before Grey's is over tonight and that makes me cranky.
Did I already tell you all that my current hair salon doesn't offer deep treatments? Nada. They don't stock any and they don't do any for service. Who isn't trained on a professional blowout (hello, people pay tons of money for a shampoo and good blowout alone!) and hair health? Until I reconcile my thoughts on finding a new stylist (that breaks my heart because I like her as a person, but the girl CANNOT do a blowout and that is... well, look - I don't pay money to be disappointed when I leave a salon, only to go home and re-do my hair) I decided to take my hair health into my own hands. Because I have always been uber involved in my hair, I know that the treatments I used to receive back home (when blonde) were Kerastase Vita Ciment. It just so happens you can buy that on Amazon, and so that is what I did. Then I called my closest Kerastase rep salon (Omaha, thank you) to verify how to use it. I've given myself one treatment so far and it is amazing already. I also stocked up on Kerastase Vita Ciment Reconstructing Milk, which is a leave-in, heat-activated conditioner. I bleached my hair and I know that I need to take very good care of it. It's frustrating to not have help with that. And, how do you breakup with your stylist without leaving a mark? Argh.
Last night's dinner was orange chicken with baby corn, water chestnuts, and fresh mushrooms with white rice and edamame. Yummers.
I am tormented with work right now - in ways that I cannot explain on my blog. But it festers in me that I cannot update regularly and that my weekly posts on Wednesdays and Thursdays have basically gone to shit the past couple of months. For you regular readers who keep coming back, thank you for doing so. And thank you even more for your prayers and support.

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