March 7, 2012


Mabel wore a new ruffly headband today. "The purple one, Mommy." Could someone PLEASE tell me how to bottle this kid up and keep her exactly like she is right this very second? She BOUNDS through the house, as if her feet were only designed for hopping and skipping and jumping.
We had a drop in of friends over the weekend while dad was at work (both days, Peeps; it sucked ass). Uncle Dennis brought his oldest with him and the 3 boys tore through the house playing Harry Potter with lego wands while D and I discussed golf. 'Petrificus totalis' this, 'Expelliarmus!' and 'Accio!' all kinds of things. The most embarrassing part was, when they would forget which spell they wanted to use, they asked Dennis or me. And we KNEW. *shakes head*  I could use a Lumos in the middle of the night to pee, couldn't you?
I finally took my iPod to work the other day. I felt a little nervous about sitting there listening (and believe me, I was in total control of the singing and chair dancing... this time), but price updates are the perfect time for this. Turns out the music allowed me to block out all of my usual distractions (open cube environment where 38 people are on conference calls at once and an overhead loud speaker pages (my husband usually) throughout the plant all. day. long.). And, I was able to do my job AND think through gosh, a whole afternoon's worth of stuff at the same time.
So yesterday, it was 71 degrees here. Today? 34. Welcome to Da Plains in spring, Folks. Still, I'm ready to move past this half-assed winter we've had. I've loved every snowflake, but I'm ready for green grass. If we're not going to cover up the brown, dormant grass with snow, let's green it up shall we?
Husband are starting a running iniative in our hizzhouse. That just means we both keep saying, "I really want to run today!" and "We should go for a run!" repeatedly. Eventually, it will morph into one or both of us getting our butts out onto the sidewalk. The snow is melted. It's time to go. No more excuses!
So, my hair is blonde.
I want to plan a spring party. I got home from the salon last night (what?) and Husband informed me that Uncle Joe Joe was in Texas, texting him about crawfish. SAY WHAT? I ate them while vacationing in the Gulf. Twice. That's it. That's all it took to form a strong addiction. Pinch the tail, suck the head. I of course sat down and began texting Joe all about his shellfish. Jackass sent me a picture to rub it in, too. So, a spring party will be planned. It will include these little buggers. Red potatoes, corn, and bay leaves all over the place. Nice, cold beer. And yard games. And a fire. Oh yes. A spring party will be planned. Good thing the Husband has a birthday coming up, yo.
Last night, Bryon said to me, "You are beautiful, as always. Every time I open my eyes, you are more beautiful." Now THAT is some good stuff for my soul. Thanks for calling me purdy, Baby.
I have lauched some serious prayer about the kids going with their dad this summer. May 26 is fast approaching! I would love for any of prayer warriors to join in with me. I want them to go so much! They need to see him and their family; it has been more than seven months. Trevor's grown 4 inches himself in that time. There are several things that could keep this visit from happening, though not on my end. Pray for Shoes to feel encouraged. Pray for all of the logistics and the ability to fall into place for him. Pray for peace and safety and planning. Pray for him to feel KINDNESS coming from us. Pray for the kiddos hearts to be filled with him. Thank you, Friends.
There will be new nude heels purchased this season. Saving up is in process. If you might remember, I didn't want to shell out a wad so I bought a pair of nude heels from Target. OUCH. They aren't even two hour shoes. Lesson learned there. Years ago I could wear heels from Target, but their quality has really hit the pooper. Ahem.
Last Sunday before church, I felt the devil irritating, poking at my family. This happens almost every Sunday. We're all up and ready to go worship and the arguing starts. Someone pokes someone. Somebody is running behind. Husband and I are irritated. So last Sunday I decided enough was enough, and I laid my fresh-from-the-shower self down on the floor to pray. Knelt with my forehead on the floor and just talked to my Heavenly Father. Oh how I appreciate the intimate relationship I have with Him. I prayed for my husband and I to be outright SIEZED by the Holy Spirit at church. And boy howdy, we were! The lesson was AH-MAZING. It was on resting IN Jesus instead of ON him. Giving up full control of aboslutely everything is the only way that happens. That is a lesson we sorely need. Also? Jesus wants to rest IN us.  Psalm 3:5-6  I stretch myself out. I sleep. Then I'm up again—rested, tall and steady, fearless before the enemy mobs, coming at me from all sides.   WOW. And, He wants US to allow Him the same peace.  Isaiah 66:1-2  Heaven is my throne; earth is my footstool.  Know how you get there? The pastor demonstrated by getting down on the floor, kneeling with his forehead on the floor. You BE the footstool. Hmmm. How about that.  God is the coolest.
Yeah, I said blonde. Time to take a bigger walk on the wild side. With 30 volume. (And the next time I decide to do pastels or something fun and funky, I'm going to use hair chalk, which will show up remarkably on the light blonde - and will wash out right away.)
I wish I had the time to moisturize daily. My face and hands and body are so dry. Yeah, winter and all, but also, I'm getting older. My skin has changed so much. California Baby Lotion is still my face lotion of choice though I will admit to you I'm considering trying out some Clinique Turnaround Cream. Would you believe I used to use that stuff in high school when it first came out, but I stopped because duh, I wasn't even 20. Can you imagine how beautimus my skin would be had I continued? Ugh. So yeah, time for something.
OH! Must divulge report on my false lash trial. I was inspired by Natalie to try this out instead of multiple layers of mascara. So I found a pair of reusable Ardell lashes at Target for $5, including the adhesive. They were gorgeous and so very girlie. I spent weeks trying to carve out the time to play with them and finally, last Saturday, those lashes and I had a party right before gymnastics. My eyeballs were on fire the entire time I was watching the girls flip around. Itchy. At first I figured it would just take some getting used to, you know. But um... no. I think I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive because by the time I got home 90 minutes later, I was ready to remove my entire eyelid from each eye. For two days I have been rubbing and soothing and ouch, ouch, ouch-ing. Sigh. I don't think false lashes will work for me is what I'm saying. But they looked gorgeous for those 90 minutes. Try them and let me know what you think, or if I could have done anything differently.
Mabel came to sit by me before bed the other night. She squirreled up right against my hip and tucked her feet under me. Then she chirped and lisped about her drawing. Which was quite magnificent for a 4 year old, I must say.

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