March 14, 2012


Peeps, I am so behind.
I'm so, so sorry that I've taken my hands off of the blog for this long. I knew it would be a few days, but I just wallered around in family for an extra. I hope you'll forgive me as I get back to work after being gone for days, and supporting a husband who has a very big job and was also gone for those same days. Oy!!! I'm behind is what I'm saying.

We went to Bryon's hometown of Mitchell to bury his grandma Darleen. We saw family we haven't seen since grandpa Delmer's death a few months ago, as well as family I've never met. Grandma Darleen's sisters Nadine, Bev, and Dorothy continued their love affair with the Moo. Trevor and Hayley read a poem at grandma's funeral! Cousin Kaden got 4 stitches after a backjump gone awry in the kiddie pool at the hotel. We drove past the Corn Palace eleventy times. Lots of hand holding, lots of tears. I fell in love with the Krutsch family all over again.

But mostly we just spent time together. We visited grandpa Larry's gravesite. We watched as they dug the hole for grandma Darleen's vault about 20 feet away. My husband gripped my hand and rubbed my fingers so hard they went numb for a few minutes when he realized he'd be standing within view of his dad's grave, while attending grandma's interment. Neil Diamond played a lot. And, Bryon got a Jesus surprise - that's one whole post on its own.

More to come, Friends. Thank you for your prayers.

And Dear B: Thank you so much for making me a part of your family. Making me a Krutsch. I am proud and I love them all most dearly. Thank you for your after-hugs when we got home last night, for spilling your guts to me - for trusting me enough. Honesty over golf balls and spaghetti. I tell you what, that is the best right there. I am THE luckiest EVAH.

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  1. I believe you need to take time for you and your family during times such as this. I'm praying for you and your family!