March 28, 2012


Random photo of Mabes and her Kermie.
Some lyrics are spinning inside of my heart right now:
To the cross I look, and to the cross I cling. Of its suffering, I do drink. Of its work, I do sing. Only my savior, both bruised and crushed, showed that God is love and God is just.
At the cross You beckon me. You draw me gently to my knees and I am lost for words, so lost in love. I'm sweetly broken; Holy surrender.
What a priceless gift, undeserved life have I been given through Christ crucified. You've called me out of death.
You've called me into LIFE. And I was under your wrath, now through the cross I'm reconciled.
Oh the cross I must confess, how wonderous your redeeming love and how great is your faithfulness.
I'm broken for you, my Lord Jesus. What love this is.
Last night, Husband worked at the dining room table while I cooked. It's better than him having to be at the plant, so I'll take it. Anyway, I made something quick and healthy for the 4 littles first and they ate and went on their way*. Then, I sauteed shrimp for tacos for us. I don't care for taco seasoning (and the packaged stuff usually contains MSG, a no-no at our house) but I wanted to make a sauce that was sweet and zippy. Here's what I used:
1/3 C Ortega Taco Sauce, Medium
1/3 C honey
1/4 C plum jelly
4 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp cayenne
14 tsp ginger
3/4 tsp minced garlic
1 bay leaf
8-10 shakes Tabasco
1/2 tsp crushed black pepper
Let me tell you, it was DEEEELIIISSSSHHHHUUUUSSSSS.  Oh my, our eyes rolled back in our heads. I sauteed the shrimp in this sauce, warmed tortillas, and served with shredded lettuce, cubed avocado, diced tomatoes, TONS of fresh cilantro and parsley, shredded cheese, and sour cream. I could eat this 100 times a week. Just might. The shrimp would also be divine on long grain rice. 
Husband and I are planning our weekend to watch The Passion of The Christ with the kids. Mabel won't - she's too little. And Hayley might - she is newly saved, but still little. Also, I'm not sure she can read the Aramaic subtitles fast enough and I can't get lost in our Savor's sacrifice if I'm busy explaining or reading every screen. But the boys are old enough. Trevor wanted to watch it last year and Andy's said he'd like to watch it with us this time. It's sobering. It's a fictional portrayal yes, but it is without a doubt the closest I've seen to what I've read in historical documentation and in the Bible. So very moving. Last year we moved the couch up close to the television to block out any possible distractions. I'm looking forward to this event.
Here it is Spring and what happens to me in the Spring? And itch to sew. It happens every year. So then I start a project and by summer when it's sweltering hot outside, I'm inside with a quilt draped over my legs. I've tried to explain this to my brain but it won't listen. And the only thing really that needs creating are skirts for the girls (because who ever has enough twirly skirts?) and lap-size quilts for both quilts and downstairs. So you see my dilemma: quilts draped over my legs. Topquilter Mary probably already expects my phone call in July sometime. Makes me smile, though.
Do you ladies like ballet flats? The actual, unstructured, suck-onto-your-foot kind? I recently ordered Ballasox Corso Como flats, as well as some Lucky flats... and I adore both. I desperately needed summery shoes and these fit the bill. They are incredibly comfortable. Of course I suppose that is matter of opinion because everyone has different feet. Mine are bony with high arches. There isn't any arch support with this style of flat, but that doesn't bother me.
I am loving my haircut. I promise to post pictures shortly.
The boys are stressed out right now. They don't know if their dad is going to take them for the summer yet, and recently told me that they are frustrated when they talk to him about it. I give that a very wide berth because they are old enough to ask him about things, to tell him how much they want to see him, and he has a responsibility to answer them. Give them something to look forward to. They love him. They don't care about the details or entertainment (or lack thereof), they just want to see him and their family. So because they are stressed out and boys (who apparently bottle this stuff up for ages until it comes out in pre-hormonal whatever), they've been getting into trouble at home and at school for not listening, and for blurting out in class. Both have had detention as a result. Their grades have improved, they are HAPPY, but this is bumming them out. Please join me in prayer for their little hearts. 
We recently went spring clothes shopping for the littles. There are SO many stores selling what I consider to be inappropriate clothing right now! These are not little adults, little girls hitting a street corner after daycare. These are tall babies, Clothing Designers! Get your crap together! And so you have to try on everything to make sure it's not too short, too revealing, or too low cut. And it's a constant battle with the bigs to make them dress their age instead of the way they see on Disney or Nickelodeon. No thank you. No short-shorts, no mini skirt, no low-rise so your panties show. Not in my house! And I also dislike shirts that say, "Little Princess" or "Diva In Training," so that eliminates another whole section of the stores for us. It was frustrating and took 3 trips! Do you guys find an issue with that? Certainly I can't be alone...


  1. I feel the same way.

  2. I am holding your boys up in prayer.

    Also - the whole girls clothing issues - yikes! I can't stand 90% of what I see on the racks and I don't have a girl to try and cloth, yet. (We are pregnant with our third and will find out in a few weeks whether this one be a girl or boy.) While girls rock in so many ways, I don't look forward to that challenge of clothing.