April 2, 2012

On How You Love Me

You taught me how to golf. You smack my ass and give me your sideways smile on weekend afternoons when I flirt with you. You told me yesterday that Mila Jovovich has nothing on my legs.

You never question me. Never my motives or my thinking. There is always trust between us. You came in with that and it is gloriously blue, that way of thinking you have. Thank you. 

You love me differently than I have ever been loved. It is raw and deep and real, and God is in it and all around it.

You tell me that I am beautiful and I know what that means to you. I know that you look at beauty in the traditional way, but also much more. You rub the softness of my skin and inhale my scent and you close your eyes to it. You love that I am curvy and imperfect and real, natural and unfussy. You love that I don't work to impress others, and my confidence and outspoken nature curl you around my heart even tighter.

You know I will tell you if I'm hurting and you are amazing at making things right.

You pray with me on the floor in the living room.

I am, without a doubt, the luckiest wife EVAH. You sit on the couch with me and fake English accents. You giggle. You stop in the middle of telling someone else a story and get bulgy eyes and jump up and down when you remember you forgot to tell me something. You call me to share your day and you pray for me in the morning on your way to work. You let me pick the thermostat temperature and the flavor of ice cream that comes home. You let me pick almost everything, come to think of it. You hold my hand in church while I bounce and shout and praise. You call and invite me out to guys night and you'd be happy for me to join you everywhere you go. I am grateful that you are my very best good friend.

You are the most gracious person. You are kind and honest and strong, and deleriously handsome. And God gave you to me to love! I pray nightly that I get at least 50 more years to touch you and hear your gravely voice. I want to rub your ring toes and pluck your ear hair and pray so much for you that I forget where I am. I want to see you the way Jesus sees you always.

You are loved for many reasons, but I love you so much because of the way you love me.

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    you reminded me of this song! another nice post.