April 16, 2012

On Your Birthday...

There will be, on today of all days and especially because it's today, the following:

Angel food cake made by yours truly
Boobs (uh... belonging to yours truly)
Sideways glances
2 cards
4 gifts (shut up, nobody goes a birthday without presents)
Your family of 6 gathered to celebrate you (plus your mama)
Admiration of your left ring toe
A clean house courtesy of your boys
Plenty of Neil Diamond (he's so proud of you, you know)
Dinner of your choosing, either homemade by moi or Granite City for a Duke
Other items which should not be included on this list. Ahem.

Also please remind me later to thank your mother for making you. She changed my life by doing so. You are amazing and I promise to celebrate your life and the things you love much more often than once per year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRUTSCH!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday, Bryon! I saw your double here in Pensacola the other day.

    Today is also my grampa's birthday. #90.