April 11, 2012


Sisters, last night.

This is my mantra today:
Psalm 130:5   I wait for the Lord. My soul waits, and in his word I hope.

Mabel and I enjoyed sushi for lunch on Friday last week. I had Good Friday off and so after running errands, the Moo and I went out for lunch all girls-only style. She ate Fry Chicken (great way to start the littles with Japanese) with Japanese sauce, miso soup, and dang near all of the edamame. She wants to try the maki, but puts the brakes on at the last minute. Her curiousity will get her eventually. She is the only little who has tried sushi.

Last night, Husband and I read together in the bed. He, For Men Only and me, For Women Only, by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. These two books are new and very big favorites of ours. They are small and chock full of scripture and messages on communication, the way marriage was meant to be managed with God involved. Men speak respect and need certain things and behavior from us wives - this book is an instruction manual (using scripture as the basis, of course). Same for women; we speak love and need kindness and understanding from our husbands. The husband's book is what Bryon calls my "maintenance manual." God designed us exactly that way on purpose and the Bible indeed holds the instructions on how to do that. Anyway, excellent and quick reading. We would both highly recommend these books to every couple we know. In fact, these might be Christmas presents this year for several couples we love.

We did lazy egg-dying this year. It is what it is. I wanted SO much to gather the ingredients to do natural egg-dying (onion skins, beets, and so on) with the kids (and what a great science project!), but time got the best of me again. I didn't want to buy the kit and have the mess either, I'll admit. So, come Saturday morning when we still didn't have pretty eggs and I had quite the hankering for my favorite breakfast of boiled eggs, I started up two pots of water with eggs inside. Then I mixed 1/2C white vinegar and a big spooge of gel coloring in a cup and poured it in with the eggs, pink in one pot and blue in the other. Fifteen minutes later we had pretty eggs. The kids were amazed it was that easy and not one of them complained that they didn't color or dip or sticker anything. They were happy and it was ... easy. I love it when easy just happens.

On Saturday morning I awoke with my husband in my arms. Or maybe I was in his arms. Probably both. That doesn't happen often anymore, as his work beckons VERY early - like BEFORE the asscrack of dawn early. But on this holiday weekend my darling husband became allergic to work and didn't open the laptop or check his email even once. Sleeping in for us usually means making it to 8am. It's still early enough in the year where 7-8am means that it's still blue outside. You know, blue. The blue light of morning when everything is still and quiet. The kids don't know it's time to get up yet. This is the time of morning when I can hear him breathing and see the blue light seeping in through our bedroom curtains. I rolled over and rested my head on his right shoulder and he turned into my hair. He always turns into my hair and sniffs. It is blissful. P E A C E. God is there, promising a new day and glory in His name. 

Husband and I both need new glasses. I'm excited. I'm sure Bryon's less excited because he is a boy and, well, he told me it took him months to pick out his last frames. Homeboy is pickAY. That's cool, though, so long as his prescription gets updated and he isn't blind anymore. My frames are just worn out and my prescription is expired. I ordered a year's worth of lenses last time, but was content with the frames I had at the time. Now they've been stepped on a few too many times, I sleep with them on constantly, and we find them in the bed all the time. So. I'm looking for tortoise shell or black. Haven't decided but I can't wait to try them out!

I want to see October Baby when it comes to town this weekend. Sadly the timing won't work out because we're celebrating Bryon's birthday this weekend, yo! Whoop whoop! Because it's a limited showing, I'll have to wait until it hits DVD. That's okay with moi.

I love seeing his balding head in the hallway at work. Random husband sighting at 10:01am? Yes, please. Hearing his voice over the loudspeaker paging someone to 1-2-ZERO-4 with that sexy, gravely voice? Alrighty then, sign me up. Of course it has occurred to me, People, that God's intention may change and we might not always work in the same place. That will take some getting used to, but I'm confident that God will pave the way. He knows exactly what we need from one another and I know He will make the way for us. But it will be hard, especially when the love of my life appears at my side at 2:13pm to ask me to order flux paste. And I can look in his green eyes and say, "pail or syringe, Babe?" It's all very sexy and coy-like. We started here. We flirted here. Here, he told me that I gave him the 'whirlies.' We have been blessed for years now. Thank you, Jesus.

So back to last Saturday morning. After Bryon got out of bed, I laid there for a few more minutes. I like to roll over and check my email, Facebook, read my favorite blogs for a few minutes. If I could hook up an IV of coffee while I do this in the bed, it would be perfect. I make do instead. While I was reading I noticed a headline that said Android now supports Instagram. Say WHAT?!  I had that app downloaded in .003 seconds and was Instagramming away. Booyah!  LOVE IT. And, I can now see what my friend Christy's bulldog Ditka looks like before CCL surgery... which is delicious, if you want to know. I'm secretly praying that Lulu gets Instagram so that I can see what her children look like now. I mean, they're probably married and driving by now. Jonas, at least.  *pppppsssstttttt* Mindy.... INSTAGRAM. 

So, the boys got new tennisshoes recently. Both of them needed some desperately because yo, the boys beat the CRAP out of shoes. Seriously unsure what the deal is there. Anyway, it was time. Bryon took them because he's the main point of contact for boy attire in the house now. They are old enough that I have become disqualified. The stuff I pick out looks like I picked it out, instead of you know, cooler. I'm okay with that. So off they went until I got a picture via text later that afternoon of a pair of grubby little boy fingers holding a shiny black box with Michael Jordan on it. I immediately asked Bryon if he cried. [They'd been on sale, in case you're curious.]

Right now I am dreaming of weather that stays warm, and blog reading in comfies at an outdoor cafe downtown. Big cup of coffee and the iPad I don't have. Dreaming is dreaming.

Right now I am also dreaming of going camping or roadtripping with the hubs, wearing pajamas on the road and stealing romantic tickles en route - jamming out to 80's big hair Def Leppard and such - and eating in local restaurants. Sleeping wherever. Vacay from life. With lots of kissing and bare feet blue jeans. 

Summer song prediction:  Springsteen, by Luke Bryan  [Last year's was Barefoot Bluejean Night ]

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