May 20, 2012

In Case You Haven't Realized, I'm a Brunette In Denial

A little more than a year ago, I dyed my hair red in the Great Red Hair Caper of 2011. That did not go so well, nor did I... embrace the change. It took only a week (gosh, not even) for me to venture back to my natural cool brunette. Once she dyed me back I felt alive within my own skin again.

I continued as a demipermanent brunette, covering up the red each month for a year. Oh yes, I changed it up with some pink highlights (you bet your ass) in January of this year but I remained a cool brunette while my hair grew. Husband LOVES me as a brunette for what it's worth, though he has commented multiple times that he loves the freedom with which I change my hair style and color. Thanks for that, Dear.

What he calls freedom, I call stupidity sometimes. The red, for example.

Nobody can ever fault me for being afraid to try something new, I reckon.

Last month I asked my hair gal for blonde highlights. I took tons of pictures with me - both of things I wanted and things I did not. I got *close* to the look I was after. Just as I began to get used to it, it was time for touch up. I fretted a little about the amount of highlights she put in, but I tried to relax and just go with it. So, just last week I returned for her to do my roots and left the salon looking not unlike a bottle blonde. She went WAY overboard. It wasn't the same. It wasn't even close. I am so blonde that I stun myself in the mirror. And not in such a good way. [And I am purposefully omitting the comments I could make about her chopping off an extra 1.5 inches of length without asking because I'm trying not to wound the woman.]

I have tried for over a week to embrace the change. I cannot get there. My Lord I am a pain in the ass sometimes. And you know? I ALWAYS wander back to my roots. Somebody remind me of this if I get a bug in my ass to change it up again, could you?

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