May 1, 2012

On Finding Church

I am thrilled to tell you that yesterday, I found church in the cement.
As I complained previously, it's been a very long time since I've put on my gear and gone running. Months. Husband and I used to run a few times a week - nothing competitive, but certainly something needed. He runs much longer distances much faster than me. It used to bother me that I couldn't keep up with him, but it doesn't anymore. I find my own rhythm and push my own limits. I like a nice pace that doesn't want to kill me and I interrupt sometimes to walk. I'd like to be back at 3 miles, 3x a week. If I could run 40 miles in a month, oh my goodness I'd be so excited.
But let's just start with a single step again, shall we?
I've really felt the push lately to put my health first again. It's been so long with so many distractions from work and life that I'm out of practice. Back to eating lots of protein (especially for breakfast and snacks) and drinking water. Aside from a handful of times, I haven't had soda pop in MONTHS. That was primarily motivated by my IBS, but it is an accomplishment nonetheless. My body feels better without that sludge in it. Now to eliminate the useless carbs and refined sugars, the dyes and enriched crap. Again, trying to start with a single step.
Last night I arrived home to quiet. Balmy and 73 degrees outside, with very little wind. My husband was called to stay at work, so I was pissy. Running is a good cure for that. In my distress, I was finally motivated enough to put on my Mizunos and plug in my iPod > Christian playlist. I walked first for a while to reacquaint my muscles with the process. My left ankle smarted a little. After 30 feet or so, I took off running. I felt like a gangly teenager at first, with limbs flailing all around unevenly. But as the houses went by and David Crowder got louder, I found it. The rhythm I had missed for months.
I thought.
I prayed.
I cried.
I ran.
Instead of my usual path, I turned right and ran around our lake. I looked up into the sun and I lifted my hands when God told me to; every anthem He selected perfectly for my heart. I know I passed 2 miles, but I couldn't tell you what distance I actually ran. I stopped to take a couple shots along the way when I couldn't stop smiling. The sun was bright on my head and Gungor's Beautiful Things reminded me that out of dust, God makes greatness.
Oh yes.
Church in the cement, see?

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