May 3, 2012


Our Friday date was awesome. We met up with Plowman and his wife for dinner at our favorite restaurant. It was the same restaurant that we went to on our first date, the same restaurant where we went after our Plowman pre-marital sessions, and the same restaurant we went to for our non-rehearsal dinner. The food is phenomenal and they make a killer martini. Of which I would know nothing about. Ahem. As usual the food was fabulous and the company was even better. I teared up when I saw Plowman's brown mop in the parking lot and I hugged him so tight. Bryon did a lot of hugging, too. That man is very much like a father to both of us. The point of telling you all of this has nothing to do with Plowman, but it has to do with the sitter who kept the littles on that night. Our pastor's daughter, Lana, has been a sitter of mine since we moved to Da Plains almost 4 years ago. She's watched Moo since Moo wasn't even 1! The unwalking Moo even! So Lana Banana left me some notes on our chalkboard wall on Friday night that made my heart go pitter-pat. I loves me a great sitteh.

'Polar bear ears' are a frequent hair request in our house from the littlest little. Similar to 'lamb ears' that my mom used to give me with braids that are looped back into the elastic, 'polar bear ears' are pony tails that are half-tied back into the elastic on the last go-round. She loves how they hop and flop during gymnastics and Spongebob-watching. They are awfully cute. Especially when paired with purple sequined skirt, gymnastics tank, and yellow flip flops. 

Kristian Stanfill's song Always has been on my mind so much lately. One particular lyric gets me all gooky when I hear it: I will not fear the war; my help comes from the Lord... Oh my Lord, my refuge and strength always.

Would you believe that I boiled up 18 pink eggs on Sunday for breakfast [more office ovulating] and snacking and so forth and this morning, I watched Andy grab 2 of the last 4 for breakfast? Say what?!  Less than 48 hours and (aside from my 2 yesterday) my children have consumed 14 eggs? WOW. I supposed having boiled eggs as a favorite snack is a wonderful thing, but let's pause a moment as I write that on my grocery list. WOW.

Over the weekend, I went shopping with my adorable spouse. He loves Kohl's and lucks out more often than not, and this trip was all about his cutie patoot booty. My man needed shorts. Golf shorts, weekend shorts, just... shorts. He tried on about a dozen pairs and found a few that made his butt delicious. SCORE. While he was in the dressing room, Mabel and I practiced the ASL alphabet. She can sign her own name by letter now!

Did I ever tell you good people that when we lived in the small town, one of my babysitters was deaf? He was one of the best sitters I've ever had, acutely aware of every vibration in the house and fully trained in... everything (child CPR, etc). At 15, he'd earned his reputation in town (through church) of being a great sitter, so I was pleased when I found out he was the son of a brother of a friend (small town, yo). I was also pleased that he would leave me notes to tattle on the kids, such as: "Trevor said a bunch of cuss words because he knew I couldn't hear him," and "Andy told a naughty joke that I might have to tell my dad."  The kids will tell you that they got away with NOTHING with that kid in the house, including throwing toys or such after bedtime. He was upstairs in a flash to yell at them. And, to have him yell at you was a sight. Embarrassing, too. They didn't like it. Sigh. I miss that sitter; he's my Facebook friend now and almost off to college. Again, I've lost my point, People. So sorry. My point was that when the boys were little I taught them the American Sign Language alphabet. It was something fun and interesting and it valued me at the pool one summer when I was about 8 and my little friend was deaf. It took me 10 minutes to tell her something, but she appreciate my trying. And so when this babysitter would come, he smiled each time Trevor hauled his grubby hands out and signed, so very s-l-o-w-l-y a sentence. For brevity, the sitter taught them more ASL and signed with them. Now that I'm teaching Mabel, Trevor has decided to help. He practices with her. It's just darling. #1 is just sort of special that way.
Only 3 weeks left of school here in Da Plains. Look out!

Large project I was working on isn't going to materialize. I am restored knowing that Jesus must have something even better planned for my life. And I am thankful.

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